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Hey guys whats up. So here is the situation........I have two scars on either side of the chin. I would consider them deep. I am trying to figure out treatment options. One of them is kinda like three small scars that formed into one. My cheecks and forehead have relatively no scarring just some shallow scarred pores nuthin bothering. Here is the dilemma...

1. Am thinking of getting subcision but this bieng my first plan of action im a little hesitant becuase of the invasiveness of the procedure. I dont want to make anything worse. Note: I am an hour and a half away from dr. despains office in Columbia,MO..the one Mr.Matt went to and got good resuts. I have heard mixed reviews on this procedure.

2. Fillers- I am considering trying something like Juvederm or Restylane because it is generally a low risk procedure. The pros for an option like this include little to no risk of additional scarring. Cons- It is temporary. It is also on my chin around some smile lines. Im wondering if the smile depressions would cause it to migrate idk.....

Note that these are TWO deep scars. thats it. But they do annoy the heck out of me. Im wondering if their is logic in starting with the least invasive and moving on with the more invasive techniques. Im aware of the untethering that subcision creates but these scars do flatten when stretched so idk.... Any help would be appreciated folks.

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