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What Can I Do?!

Ive been taking antibiotics and my acne has vanished. All that was left was these spots .

I use tretinoin 0.01% at night

Sulfamethoxazole ( 2 tablets a day)

I wash my face in the morning with 10% benzoyl peroxide

Please help! :)



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I actually have something great for you. I went through a similar experience as yours... Antibiotics will not vanish acne, in the long-run it could be damaging due to the fact if say you truly needed Antibiotics in the future for an emergency related situation, they won't work anymore because the body has gotten used to it so there will be no effect.

I've tried all the topical treatments you can name (non prescription & prescription) and I've also tried antibiotics & some prescribed pills by my dermatologist and last but not least I was prescribed Roaccutane (which was great but as soon as you stop it, you're back to where you first began).

I started browsing online for natural solutions & treatments, and came across this *Moderator edit - URL removed. Read the board rules* & let me tell you, it has done wonders! I actually regret taking Roaccutane and wish I took this a long time ago.

I hope this helped and I wish you the best of luck! rolleyes.gif

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Hey Multicolours,

Thank you very much! Do you actually think this would cure me because I spent over $200 of acne products and Im just 16!

So, I know your not completely sure but is there more than 50% that Dermaforte can improve my acne scarring/spots? :)

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