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The Failure Of Science, Defining Goals And Methods To Improving "health"

this is a philosophical statement on acne strategies and the ideas of causation, the concepts of reductionism, wholism/emergence and levels of abstraction as it pertains to the study of biology and the role and benefits of psychology in health and disease. hopefully this will help people direct their minds toward alternate view points to the questions like, how health problems like acne, can come into or out of existence, or rather what types of things you could do to help these conditions.

reductionism- the basic belief that phenomena are best understood by breaking them down to their smallest parts and finding "the broken part" and fixing, manipulating or replacing it.

wholism/emergence- the belief that phenomena and their nature are best understood as a system of parts, for example, how all the cells in your body work together to form the entity of a human being. taking into account the behavior of things on a systems level, which may be a bit different then the smaller parts that make up that complex system.

this really isnt an either/or argument between reductionism and wholism/emergence, one view may be better for studying certain things then the other, i argue that some range of illnesses can only be understood at the most general level of abstractions or as more complete systems which the phenomena is a part of(not entirely seperate), rather then the most precise parts. Sometimes, the more precise we get about the human body, the less and less we seem to be talking about how "human beings" work, and how they behave rather then the behavior of seperate immune cells and such.

reductionist veiws on the human body have dominated in medicine since medicine and science were largely united.

Abstractions- a human being is an abstraction or generalized concept for an animal, or a mass of cells. human being stands for lots of things, but the more precise we get, the less "human" we get, and for example, humans are made of supposed or questionably seperate "lungs' and vital organs, which can be further broken down into cells, and then molecules like dna and hundreds of thousands of chemicals.

I will not say that knowing things down to its smallest observable parts is useless or bad, because it has helped supply some answers to questions, but something seems to be lost.

there are concepts known as upwards and downwards causation which apply to the theory of reductionism wholism/emergence and the answers of "why". We look for the "broken parts" but never really seem to find them, but occasionaly we "think" we do, and actually do and develop so/so medications that manipulate these chemicals in the body. upwards causation is the veiw that small broken parts can have larger manifestations that are then visible in larger scales on the entire system, which is basically true.

Downward causation is the idea that things on a larger scale or another level of abstraction like, perhaps two humans talking to each other, (if we veiw two humans as two "particles" in their own right interacting) and the possible alterations in physiology, could somehow lead to things like, cancer or even acne. and here is my greatest point, that working on this higher level of generalized concepts as they pertain to how human beings act or the nature of human beings, are related to health conditions, which is not a new idea at all, i have just said it in my own way trying to make it clear and logical. but when you think of abstract, subjective or non-concrete concepts that are not part of the "hard" sciences, since their is a major loss in concrete physicality, which is very hard to measure and reproduce, for example how would you measure someones level of "intrinsic motivation" or "sense of competency" or "autonomy" or capacity for introspection or "assertiveness", this is not an exact process, but these i argue are biological process that are really complicated but have everything to do with how a human being works, so i ask people not to think lightly or disregard the effects of the mind and emotions on the body, it is perhaps bigger then diet alone. As part of your health, equally pay attention to what is going on in psychology and how you could benefit from it. it may be another 50-100 years before you are going to a psychologist for some of your health problems, rather then your doctor. Many digestive diseases have long been classified under "psychosomatic" which doesnt necessarily mean that it doesnt exist or is all in your head, but tentatively see some good evidence suggesting a psychological component which they do not really understand yet. i suggest acne has a strong psychological component and some support for this is the data they have collected linking digestive complaints with acne as well as other skin diseases. to restate my argument, if some digestive diseases are thought by researchers to soley originate from psychological phenomena, and acne has been linked to digestive diseases, then perhaps, acne too may have a strong psychological component. their may come a day when an explanation for acne will no longer be, hyperproliferation of sebaceous glands, or hypercornification of keratinocynes that form a microcomedo leading to p.acnes proliferation stimulating the inflammatory process., to, you have been with that jerk boyfriend for waaay to long now, and need to be more assertive and acknowledge the physical state you are in on a regular basis that can be abstracted as, unhappiness, or your controlling girlfriend, or your crazy psychologically abusive mother, etc. these may eventually be considered viable "causes" or however you interact with your environment on a macrolevel. but truly in the end, their may be no one single cause for anything, diet and emotions sleep excercise work together simultaneously, but to just skim over psychology and emotions as if it were a lesser component is a mistake.

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