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Optimal Time Between Fractional Co2 Treatments?


I'm wondering what's the best interval between fractional co2 lasers?

I had totalfx done some time ago and I was thinking of having smartxide in about a month as I have time then... That'd be about 2 and half months between treatments.

Am I wasting money if I do another treatment before I have full results from the first one? Since it's said that collagen remodeling can keep happening even 6 months after a co2 treatment. I know I won't be satisfied with results I'll get from this first treatment however.

If you have an opinion/knowledge on this please tell :)

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I think you are jumping the gun and why would you switch lasers. The FX doctor will probably give you big discounts for subsequent treatments. I get mine for $800 a piece now. The first time was 5,000.

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Thanks for your input! :)

Ye I was only planning to change the lasers because the place offering smartxide is significantly cheaper - just hadn't discovered it till now. Then again the service seemed great in the place I got ultrapulse in so I guess I'll try ask if there's a chance for a discount in future.

One thing I don't quite understand is why the suggested interval between treatments between ultrapulse treatments seems to be longer than with lets say fraxel. From what I have understood the differences between fractional co2 lasers are tiny.. but I guess it's better to be patient.

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