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Trouble Areas Still Flaring, What To Do? Advice Needed.

Greetings :) ..

Hope you guys can give me a little advice .. ,

about me and my acne situation:

I'm a 23 year old male, Living in europe - Denmark (cold at winther/fall - fairly warm in the spring and summer). Been dealing with acne since age 15 i guess, 2 times accutan/roccotan (worked well - but some nasty stuff), first time when I was 16-17, at the time I experienced severe acne - some scars after that episode .. "recently" at age 21-22 i tried accutan again, this time my acne was only moderate - but started to bother me anyways - after at long period of beeing relatively clear.

As before, the effect from accutane wont last forever (not for me at least), and i started breaking out again spring 2011.

At that time, I had recently ended a 5years relationship, and started going out a lot at the weekends, drinking alcohol more often (not that more often though), going clubbin more, tanning and maybe worse for my skin, using spray-tan/bronzer.

My doctor prescribed Tetracyklin, which actually helped after 1-1.5 month, together with epdiduo creme.

Summer came, and my doctor took me off the tetracyklin, which relatively fast made me brake out again. At the time I had the habbit of combatting the brake outs with tanning - which i realise now, might just have made it worse.

Faced a serious (for me it was) brake out in the fall 2011, and decided to try out the regimen, and meanwhile minimizing my consumption of alcohol and fatty foods. (Actually, all of 2011 iwe been eating very healthy in general) .. and btw, I Exercise daily, at the time only lifting weigths at the gym. I work in an office enviroment - and sit down most of the day - couldnt live without the exercise.

Been doing dan's regimen for 1.5month now, and have seen great results with my "medium" acne. Actually cleared my jawline and cheeks completely realtively quickly. Im still on tetracyklin, but plan to stop this weekend (I dont think it works for me) The trouble is, that the areas which bother me the most, still flares, maybe every other week. I maybe get 2-4 large pimples at a time, often on the side of my head, right beside my eyes area. Actually at the time, only on my left side, the right side has been worse earlier, but seem to have cleared up, leaving only red marks (dare I hope).

Its like the acne sits deep in those trouble areas (amongst, 1 cystic pimple, which flaires again and again) - any ideas of how to clear it, once and for all???

Maybe the BP is doing the job, and thats why i brake out at this stage of the regimen??? old acne flaring .. or ??

Your input will be much appreciated!

- Daniel

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The purging is a sign that the regimen is working...i would give it at least 1-2 months to let the BP get all of the junk out of your skin. Do you use AHA? It works quite nice as a spot treatment, for me it has stopped pimples from growing, if I use it before the pimple gets a head.

BTW, I'm also danish ;)

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Now your danish, ill reply in danish ... :

Har du selv erfaring med kuren, evt. hvor længe?

Du har nok ret, at jeg blot skal give det tid, men jeg bliver bare lidt i tvivl .. da the regimen har renset min hud i resten af mit ansigt, udover ved siden af mit øjn-område, på siden af hovedet (som godt nok også er området der har plaget mig mest).

Jeg har prøvet AHA .. og ved ikke rigtig hvad jeg syntes om det som spot-treatment.. Jeg bruger det dog på mine skuldre, hvor jeg har haft gavn af det ... her havde jeg dog kun lidt uskyldig urenhud..

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Jeg er en måned henne, jeg har klart set fremskridt, men får stadig nogle få bumser endnu. Huden har brug for mere tid på de områder, hvor der kommer flest bumser, da bakterierne ligger dybere der. Iden jeg begyndte min kur, fik jeg regelmæssigt bumser på hagen, og det er det eneste sted, jeg stadig få bumser. Det er et spørgsmål om tid, før BP'en så at sige har "presset" bakterierne ud.

Jeg har gode erfaringer med AHA som spot treatment - hvis jeg mærker, at der er en bums på vej, hjælper det meget at putte lidt AHA på...det får nærmest bumsen til at stoppe med at udvikle sig, så man undgår at skulle gå rundt med en nasty bums.

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Jeg forsøger at være positiv, og regner med at det er tilfældet med teorien om de mere dybdeliggende bakterier. Rent faktisk har min højre side været "slemmere" i en periode, den side som nu er clear (over en uge nu).

De gange jeg har brugt Aha, syntes jeg bumsen er stoppet ja, men også blevet mere rød, fast og genstridig = tydelig noget længere tid, om end ikke så stor. Jeg har droppet det, da jeg umiddelbart hellere vil ha bumsen ud, og lade den gå sin naturlige gang. Tror det kommer meget an på hvilken type bums der er tale om.

Jeg vil dog helt sikkert eksperimentere mere med AHA .. når der er kommet "ro på igen".


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