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Post Dr Khan Treatment - Faizal

Hi All,

Those of you who remember me, I had treatment with Dr Khan in Harley Street with no results despite his promises. I chose to take time away from this site as I went through a real emotional rollercoaster ride with him.

Over 1 year since my last post (August 2010), I am pleased to let you know my scars have improved by my own treatment methods and by being happy. Over the past year, I have been focusing on doing home treatments and my scars improved by over 50%.

My opinion is that lots of doctors are after the money and you do not seem to get honest answers from them. I must have spoken to well over 100 doctors from across the world about my nose scar and there are only 2-3 genuine doctors out there. I like to speak to Doctors on the phone and to see what they are like.

One piece of advice I always tell people is that ask doctors for results from their previous results. If they have 1-2 results only, and they claim to have done many more patients..... then it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!.

In the case of Dr Khan, I spoke to some of his patients after my treatment and I did not come across a single one who got positive results from Stem Cell treatment with him. The only one was Ernesto, but I think it was impossible not to get results with him as his scars was so bad. The main picture he had belonged to a guy I know pretty well from Bahrain and that guy told me that the results were not due to Dr Khan's treatment and he told me that he had asked Dr Khan to remove his picture case study but Dr Khan had continued to display this. I am not saying he has not had positive results with other patients, but I am saying that I did not come across those patients, and that made me think whether he was really getting results.

Anyway, Dr Khan is my past.... I dont like dwelling over the past, and this last year, I have gotten over that whole episode in my life and I am stronger than ever. I chose to forget about him and forgive him, and just move on. That chapter is finished.

The doctors I have most liked from my own personal experiences have been Dr Anthony Chu in London, Dr Moonsang Choi in Vancouver and Dr Sam Lam in Texas.

The above is my own opinion, and is not written to influence others.


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Sorry just quick message.

My inbox has been overloaded with messages as I chose not to login into acne.org, but, I am back, and if anyone wants my help/advice, I will happily give it. I have tried a lot of treatments and I am more than happy to discuss what I think works and what I think does not work. You can PM me (I have responded all messages in my inbox and deleted them), so I now have space to receive new PMs.


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Don't flame me for saying this, but have you ever considered the possibility that the 50% improvement you've had in the year since the treatment could be somewhat attributed to Dr Khan's treatment?

Regardless, if what you say is true he sounds a shady practitioner.

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Nope... Dr Khan DID not get me any improvement.....

My improvement was due to another guy on here who was Dr Khan's patient and he gave me a regime which I followed. My regime was based on quite a few things:

1. A good skin care regime - I used Obagi

2. Use Copper Peptides together with Retin A

3. Dermarolling and needling

4. Use of LED lights

5. Use of chemical peels.

These are all tried and tested methods and they worked.

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i agree a combination seems to bring best results. Ive been using copper peptides since i had my recell done and i believe its helped, however i have used the peptides over my whole face including older scars and it hasnt made any significant difference to them other than improving general skin appearance, so i dont think they're a 'cure' as a stand-alone- maybe during healing they are helpful though

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