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Am I Doing My Regimen Correctly?

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Hi Guys,

I'm a bit paranoid about my regimen, as I'm not sure my derm is 'top-notch' so to speak. Anyway, I was told:

AM: BP 2.5% thin layer over entire face, then Clindamycin generic lotion 1% over entire face (so far I have been using around a large pea sized clidnamycin, and thin finger length of Dan's BP)

PM: Just tretinoin generic .025% (can I mix this with Jojoba when applying, seems pretty hard to spread around).

Other than that I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser and moisturizer AM/PM and Dan's AHA twice a week.

Been on this for around 2.5 weeks not seeing great results, although my pimples seem to have changed form. I have VERY long-lasting, small-ish under the skin pimples and very few actual pimples that have a clear head of pus.

Also, it seems that BP/Clinda one after the other is the same effect as using somethign like Duac, but Duac is simpler... why wasn't I prescribed duac I wonder?

At any rate, does this regimen seem legit? Or am I getting jerked around here.... I've tried Dan's regimen and had o.k. results but I'm in Minneapolis and CANNOT have that level of dry skin and flakiness at work!!!

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