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My Troublesome Skin That Needs To Be "de-Gunked" Daily :(

I'll keep this relatively short as I'm sure you guys have read a thousand opening posts like this:

I'm a 22, male and have been suffering from acne for the past 6-7 years. It started off with the occasional spot on my chin and then started spreading up my cheekbones, onto my forehead and pretty much covered my face. I was lucky in the sense that most of the spots were small, so it wasn't that noticeable, but all the red marks were.

I've tried most things bar antibiotics, such as going vegan, cutting out wheat, using nothing but water, moisturising, using every cream I could (including the Acne regimen), daily exfoliation, not sleeping directly on a pillow, not drying my face by rubbing the towel, etc.

I've kept the vegan and wheat free diet and I never eat sweets or drink fizzy drinks. I eat a lot of veg and fruit and drink a fair share of water and herbal teas (really the only two things I drink). Now I'm just washing my face with water and toning after with a mix of tea tree oil and lemon juice, as well as using homemade facial masks every so often. Yes, I've cut out the use of chemicals on my face completely, including mosturises

Regardless of these extremities my skin is still in a dire state, my nose being the worst affected. Every night I have to "de-gunk" it and the surround areas either side to get rid of these small whiteheads (they are actually white) and get enough pus out to make yourself sick. I have to do the same on my forehead, chin and cheekbones. Every so often I'll get a normal spot on my chin or cheekbones and once it is looking like it has healed and gone for good, the bastard turns into a new spot, so healing skin never gets the chance to really heal.

As a result of all of this, plus my hereditary horrible dark circles my skin looks like an absolute disaster.


I know I'm not alone having these so I just wondered if anyone has successfully cleared up? I read about that dandruff shampoo (Niczo something) which I may try out as I do have a lot of flesh covered bumps, but I don't actually have any dandruff. I know I haven't got Sebaceous filaments as mine are white and will give out pus.

If you need any further details or even a photo (though I doubt that would pick up the spots, they're that small) I'll gladly help!

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It sounds like you're doing alot of good things; it would be good to see a photo for a better understanding and analysis though. Anyways, a few tips and suggestions

>exfoliate only once, twice but no more than three times per week: it will cut down on irritation.

>try not to pop pimples, blackheads, or sebaceous filaments: you're adding to the inflammation on you're face and spreading more acne causing bacteria. I know it's hard, but try not touching you're face at all for a few days. *if you are still frustrated and are itching to pick, wash your hands, use a wash cloth soaked in hot water to soften your blemishes, and with tissues on your fingers genty pull around a blemish to pop it. Apply topical medication after the fact.

>be gentle when washing and applying lotion on your face: dan's regimen actually puts a great emphasis on this and I think it is extremely important. I like thinking about it as our face being a highly quarantined and sensitive area: not many things are allowed near or on it, only a special few.


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