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These scars have brought me such despair.I look in the mirror and cry at times.Growing up with depression has never been easy.I suffered with bad acne through my teen years and negligence to take care of it.Now years later i'm taking much better care of myself.My acne has gotten alot better thanks to eating better,birth control pills,a skin care routine and time.The thing now is scars left from acne's past.I could live with a few scars but they are severe and all over my cheeks,temples,and some on my chin.I feel so ugly because of my skin,my scars.I hardly socialize with people other than my family.I'm always very insecure being around other people.I feel like their looking at my face judging me with their eyes.I know there are worse things in this world then having acne scars but this is causing me so much inner pain.I feel like less of a person,less of a woman.I did have a boyfriend but i broke up with him because i felt like i didn't deserve him.See no self confidence thats my problem.How do i learn to love myself and accept my flaws?Thanks for reading my post.

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i know how u feel. i have craters on my temples and cheeks. my acne is gone, but my scars will remain. i will always be self conscious about them and theres nothing a therapist can say to make me feel great about them, so i will probably get some laser treatments or try dermarolling first before i spend thousands.

i always tell myself it can be worse tho.

hang in there

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When I feel down in the dumps about my acne (or any other imperfections) I find that watching video diaries on YouTube of people who have lost arms or legs really uplifting. They always seem really happy and they don't dwell in their pity and I find that it really helps because acne is less of an issue than loss of an arm or leg and they manage to be happier than me.

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