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I'm 22 and have had acne issues since I was about 12/13. I've had fairly mild acne (but never perfectly clear skin). My senior year of undergrad was when I had the least breakouts (and I noticed it coincided with a VERY stress-free schedule). I also realized that I'd get cysts/nodules around big events (whether I was excited about it like weddings/vacations or anxiety raising events like finals).

Now, I'm in my first year of law school and my face is like a MINEFIELD! And I'm stressed 24/7 so my question is...Is birth control the cure for my acne caused by stress?

PLEASEEE reply if you have stress caused acne and if BCP has helped. Also, what brand would you recommend? (I've never used BCP before)

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I also suffer from stress acne but I thought that BCP could only really help hormonal acne, I know they say that the stress affects the hormones to create the acne but my friend who has tried BCP (Yasmin was the one she used I think) said it only helped her with mid month breakouts and had no effect on acne that was caused by other things. Have you tried Acccutane? lots of people seem to sware by it. The only thing I've found that works are seaweed facial washes, I guess that might be because of the minerals? Iv'e also heard that stress makes us loose vitamins and minerals. But if you do get BCP and they work let me know as I'd really love to get rid of this acne!

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I talked to my boyfriend who is in med school about the whole stress/hormone issue and he said that maybe two were connected (higher stress = hormone imbalance) so that's when I figured BCP could help. I'm planning on going to see my derm when I go back home to ask him if BCP might be something that could work. I really don't want to try accutane bc I've heard the side effects are insaneee. I think if all else fails and my derm recommends it, then I might consider it.

I'll definitely let you know what happens if I do get on BCP!!

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I'm soooo happy to be updating this. Over winter break, I changed derms and my new one prescribed solodyn (minocycline 80mg) + acanya gel + atralin gel. And I also went to my doc and got birth control. The results (THANK GOD!) are looking good! It's been almost 4.5 weeks and I'm happy to report the nodules/cystic acne is gone. Of course I still have teeny white heads, but I'll take anything over painful, ugly, nodules!

I don't know if the BCP helps more or the prescription meds, but whatever it is, it's working! WHOOO HOOOOO!!

On the other hand, I have 20-30 BIG red acne scars left. I've been using emu oil for almost 2 years and as much as I looove it, it takes flipping FOREVER to work! So I bought "Concha Nacar De Perlop" Bleaching cream. It's actually not a bleaching cream bc the ingredients are natural and safe: Glycerine , Zinc Oxide , Ground Barley , Water , Oyster Shell , Lemon Juice , Honey , Witch Hazel , Bentonite , Papain , Irish Moss , Salicylic Acid , Fragrance. It feels great on my skin!

I've only used it for 2 days so not sure if it's working yet, but as with all natural things, it's going to take time. I'm also going to use Dr. Fred Summit Skin Whitener bc I've heard it's great for fade spots. No, I do NOT want to "whiten" my skin, I just want to fade the marks.

I'll report back with results!

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