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Should I Add Retin-A To The Regimen?


I was wondering if anyone has tried to add retin-a to the regimen, and what their results were.

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Here's a few things you could try...

If you are only getting a few pimples here and there, you can try using BP as a spot treatment. This is a far better procedure than applying Benzoyl Peroxide on areas which are clear, especially where you have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation marks. This would also help with improving fine lines as the drying agent is no longer being applied.

Have you tried an AHA cream? If you haven't, this would be a good thing to do before Retin-A. AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid(s)) such as Lactic acid, citric acid etc. These work as a chemical exfoliant ultimately improving skin texture, fine lines and skin tone by removing dead skin cells.

Other than that, to answer your question; yes, you can add Retin-A to your regimen, but it is by no means essential. You can use it in the evening and use BP in the morning. There are more, less harmful ways of dealing with fine lines and PIH marks which you should look in to first.

If your skin is read, dry and irritated from the amount of BP you're currently using, then I wouldn't advise to increase the amount, but perhaps decrease it.

Hope this helps.

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