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Hi. My name it Tyler.

I'm a 22 year old male and have suffered from acne since I was ~16. At first my acne consisted of cysts, about 1 every month, along with your typical white head and nodular acne. It was never severe but it was always persistent and enough to where someone would be like "hey this kid doesn't have a clear face". So I took all your standard antibiotics and tried all the standard topicals and nothing worked; I was miserable.

So at age 19 I went on accutane. One of the best choices in my life. At first I was doubtful because I didn't see improvement, it actually got worse, which is typical, but around the 6th month my face got crystal clear. The only symptoms I suffered from were chapped lips and lower back stiffness. I thought to myself "I made, i made it through accutane alive and my skin is now beautiful". The next two years would be amazing. My self esteem and confidence were higher than ever. I was attracting girls like no other. Best years of my life for sure.

Now at the age of 21 my acne started to come back. However, there are no more cysts. Only mild/persistent acne around just my mouth. I tried changing my lifestyle thinking it must have something to do with that, but nothing worked; changing diet, face washes, shampoo, clean bed sheets every other day, etc. So I went back to my dermatologist and he put me on solodyn and ziana topical. Ziana caused a bad reaction to my skin and I suffered from a bad chemical burn type thing on my chin and i did solodyn for 4 months and all I got were headaches. So I thought I'd try one more thing before thinking about accutane again, going super healthy and all natural/lots of vitamins. I took a vitamin regimen that was zinc, vitamin A, B, and D, Probiotic, Coconut oil, Fiber supplement, and Fish oil heavy. I actually saw mild improvement. But when it comes to my skin I don't feel that settling for "OK" skin is good enough.

So I went back to my Doctor and begged him to put me back on accutane. I did my blood work and all came back well and yesterday I started my 2nd course of accutane at 40mg a day.

I made this post not just for me but for everyone. Before I decided to go on accutane I had read a lot of accutane logs and they motivated me to go through with it. So I hope I can do the same. I'll try and update at least once maybe twice a week.

I'd also like to say to those suffering from self esteem/confidence issues, I thought that with acne I would never be able to find a girlfriend, I mean who wants to kiss a face full of zits? But just recently I found an amazing girl; shes super cute, super funny..super amazing. And shes completely into me and me into her. I'd have never thought I could obtain such a great catch, Just keep your head up high.

Please feel free to ask questions or just talk.



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I deffinetly would not be taking a course of accutane with how mild your acne is. The risks are not worth 3 barely visible pimples

Now that I look at that picture, it really doesn't portray my acne very well. I also took that picture right as I woke up, which for some reason always makes my skin look more even.

As of right now I have two fairly big pimples growing in on my temple region. The area under both corners of my lips, those little clusters are hard and deep and in typical lighting they are noticeably red. Every other week I'll get 1-2 good sized pimples on my upper lip.

I'll take self-esteem and clear skin over rare risks any day. I've done accutane once, I'll do it again.

Thanks for your concern though.

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Week 1

So just updating. I've finished 7 days as of right now.

My symptoms:

The usual dry lips and a slight lower back tension, this is hard to distinguish if it's from accutane or the fact that I lift quite a bit at work and play hockey a lot. Maybe a combination?

My face:

is...meh. Clusters below both corners of my lips are still there, a constant array of small and medium sized pimples always seems to be brewing. I got a fair sized pimple right between my eyes brows, a place I NEVER get pimples, and then I have two small cysts on my right temple region, another place I NEVER get pimples, they have however subsided quite a bit. Maybe the dreaded IB? Who knows

It's worth noting that the slow healing of pimples while on accutane is definitely noticable. Trying hard to not pick.

Also, CeraVe and Aquaphore are life savers. Always carry small tubes of them with me.


Talked to my girlfriend about my skin. I told her how I'm super insecure about it and that I'm on accutane and just how dangerous it is. Surprisingly, she said she didn't care about my acne and that she would support me through this and that I was handsome just the way I am ( HAHA ). Anyways, I felt it was necessary to let her know because of the symptoms I will be experiencing both internally and externally.

I'll try and get a picture up soon.

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Week 2 (day 14)

To those who care...


Lips are extremely dry now. As well as my face. Without lotion my face would look like it was covered in snow flakes of skin...

I seem to get small headaches an hour or so after taking a pill. I also seem a bit more tired than usual.


So those two small cysts in my temple region are finally disappearing. One was pretty big about the size of a pea. It actually formed two white heads, gross I know. But I popped it after I got out of the shower. It was so ready to go that all I had to do was pull stretch the skin on either side of the head and it popped...yes gross again.

My mouth region seems to be doing a bit better. Mostly red marks and no real deep nasty cysts like last week, they were the ones that never come to head.

I've been getting a few pimples under or along my jawline. Maybe a reaction from shaving and my skin being sensitive now?

Here's the weirdest part though. About 4-5 days ago I started getting all kinds of lie bumps (TLP) on my tongue. Like I had at least 10 and still at this moment have a good amount. I know some say lie bumps are from eating too much sugar or acidic foods but I hardly eat sugars. Within the last week the only real sugary foods I've had were a chocolate waffle with ice cream and then like 3-4 licorice pieces. I'm just curious if this is a reaction/break out from accutane. Or perhaps accutane has made me more sensitive and those little sugars I have been eating are being blown up into this.

HOwever, I found a good pain reliever for lie bumps; witch hazel. Pour it on your tongue and let it sit for a few seconds then rinse with water.

Side note:

anyone else acne/red marks look better in the morning just as you wake up? For some reason mine do. Curious as to why.

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Hi there, good luck with your 2nd round. im on round 4 and day 7 today!

I understand what you said about it looking better in the mornings. I have noticed this also. Isn't it wierd? :)

It really helps to have a partner who loves you no matter what. It makes such a difference. Over the years my husband has been my lifeline at times, the one thing I can cling to NO MATTER WHAT.

Hope it all goes well for you. xox

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