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Seborrheic Dermatitis Your Very, Very, Tricky.

Tricky like a riddle that has more than one correct answer. After diligently reading through 37 pages of the SD thread I came to the conclusion that yes, I have it.<sigh> and shrug. My assumption was right but could have been answered more quickly if I would of just asked my mom. Yes, she has it. She also informs me that my brother has it as well as my sister. Why was I not told and how did I not see this? My mom flares up behind her ears not fun but better than straight on your face. Where it seems like all my siblings are affected including me. On my face. My nose folds, laugh lines, and between my eyebrows. That itch I couldn't figure out that was above my eye....ding,ding, it's SD. So, now that I know why I have it: genetics- What can I do help ease/omit flare ups? I keep a lifestyle journal ( yes, I'm type A personality) which I refer to often. It helps figure out these little snags or hiccups. It sucks but getting stressed out over it only makes it far worse. Which is my number one flare. So here is a little info that seems to help "me". Sharing information helps tremendously. Also, it might give you that light bulb "aha" moment I had when I referred back to my journal.

1. Stress and Fatigue. Just got over a cold, during my 3 days of hibernation from the world my skin was fine...it was the after I'm trying to fix and still hold onto my dignity. All that nose blowing wrecked havoc on my pretty face.

2. My SD flares when I treat it like acne. If I dry this area out thinking I'm doing it justice it only rebels with more red, inflamed, and sometime pin-size whiteheads. More moisture seems to calm the beast. Mineral oil from my own personal findings makes it roar, glycerin oil makes it purr. It's very hard not to want to moisturize the SD area. I'm so brainwashed into thinking drying it will help. It takes everything I have not to reach for an acne topical lotion. However, the proof is on my face. Without moisture=bad/with moisture=good.

3. Alcohol consumption. I love a glass of wine or two. My skin however does not. I went without alcohol for 6 weeks. My skin looked flawless. I thought a glass of wine was in order to reward myself for ? and within a day...my eyelids itched, my redness was back, and my skin was so dry it flaked. Disappointment. But I can live without. Ugggh.

4. I switched from SLS's free shampoo/conditioner to save a few $$. Stupid.

5. I switched coffee. This one is still up for debate. However, 3 days after consuming the delectable bean juice my SD flared with abandon.

6. It's polar bear cold here and dry inside= SD flare.

7. Hot showers. I now do warm showers. My SD looked fine after a warm shower. No increased redness, just your basic reminder that I'm still on your face don't piss me off.

8. Whitening Strips? This maybe a crazy guess? I hadn't used them all summer/fall. Used the strips last week and boom. Tricky like I said.

9. Over analyzing every mark, bump, spot, line, on my face makes it worse. That's my own opinion. I can or could pick myself apart on a daily basis..some days I have the time to do just that-other days not so much. It's more obvious to me because I'm sensitive and aware of the problem. Honestly, what others think about me is none of my business. I'll let them worry about it..even then my problem is not that important.

10. Letting it consume my world.

So, there are a few of my flares. I'm sure there are more...Thought I would share. Also, I probably put this in the wrong place. Again. My bad.

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