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Should I Stop ?

I am now taking minocyclin 100 mg once a day :

i also try a little topical thing that i put on half of my forehead and it looks like it works - should i stop the antibiotic or should i finish the treatment ?

It works just i dont need it cause i have something that works with no side affetcs that is said the antibiotic can cause - but i allready took it for 4 days so maybe i need to finish the use now ?

and also does it have to come back or are there people who used antibiotics and it helped in the long run

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Congratulations on the good treatment response! :)

If the topical medication is working without the use of the Minocyclin your doctor may take you off it, but you shouldn't stop treatment of anything prescribed, especially antibiotics, without consulting your doctor first.

There are huge implications for the build up of pathogenic resistance to antimicrobials, so it's important to continue with the prescribed treatment unless otherwise advised by a medical professional.

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Hi - thanks for the reply - question :

Saw your on antibiotics - so are you affraid it will stop working ? why take something that will make things worse at the end ?

i rubed ice cube on my face and it made things 200 times worse so i hope after antibiotics will take the majority of i will return to normal (which is not good but better then now ) but i want to know why others take it

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no, dont stop. your never supposed to just stop an antibiotic when you see minor improvements. talk to the doctor that prescribed the medicine. theyre probably gonna tell you to start taking the medicine once every 2 days

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