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Please Help, Very Confused...hyperpigmentation Or Acne Scarring?

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I'm new and I was wondering if I could get help about my issue. I didn't have any major breakouts on my cheeks and forehead except this year, and honestly my acne is diminishing the confidence I once had in myself, and I hate being outside and socialising (I was totally opposite prior to all the breakouts). I always gets anxious when people talk to me up close because they don't have eye contact, instead they look at everything around my face sad.png I've researched, but I've been inundated with so much information I'm confused....

So my general practitioner (parents don't want me to go to a derm because they are worried they will give me all these samples of products, and the skin on my face is very sensitive) prescribed me Epiduo. It worked I guess, I have less whiteheads than usual, and at least my face isn't all bumpy like before. I am currently also on minocycline pills (100mg per day).

But now I have all these brown marks on my face and I can't tell whether or not they are scarring or dark hyper pigmentation. Can someone please tell me which one it is from the photos attached? And also, what would be a good way to fade/treat/speed up the healing process (if there is any healing that will happen - praying to God there is)? I'm not even sure if the little spots on my face are blackheads or scarring sad.png

I stopped the epiduo for a while because I'm trying the natural remedy of applying lemon juice on my face before I go to bed and then moisturise with cetaphil in the morning. Been doing this for 2 weeks. The Epiduo I was on it for 3 months. Should I continue the lemon juice or go back to epiduo?

Advance thank you to all those who contribute. It really means a lot. And I know, the photos look awful sad.pngpost-155422-0-27222400-1323432940_thumb.post-155422-0-78995100-1323433000_thumb.



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Judging by the photos, I think what you have is hyperpigmentation. This is more common in darker skin tones and can take a while to fade (weeks/months) depending on how you look after you skin. I doubt from looking at the pictures that you will scar but there is that possibility with every spot and inflammation. I think what you should do is leave your skin alone and concentrate on reducing the cause of the hyperpigmentation before dealing with marks as the use of products like lemon juice to reduce dark marks may irritate your skin causing more spots and marks. Exfoliate gently once a week and moisturise well and you should be fine!

Best of luck!

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