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Nhs Dermatologist Uk,what's Your Experience?


My name is Anastasia I am originally from Ukraine but I have lived in England for 10 years. I started getting moderate cystic acne when I was 17 and it has really killed my confidence,before I used to model and now i find it difficult to even leave the house :(

Anyway I recently went to have some Mesotherapy at a Beauty Clinic and the Dr there said that I should get myself to the doctor asap to get a referall to a nhs dermatologist for Accutane. I am now 21 and my acne has not gone away completely but I do not experience the huge breakouts like before,I have some superficial rolling scars which the Dr said could be helped by Accutane as Accutane refines the skins texture,is this true?

I am booked to start seeing the Dermatologist at the hospital in a few weeks time and I was just wondering whether an nhs dermatologist will help me with not only my active acne but the rolling scars too? I have heard good and bad stories,so I would really appreciate any advice or experiences.

I have body dysmoprhia which really effects my daily life and I have heard that they are very lenient when it comes to treating patients with this disorder.

Thank you advance for help you can give guys,god bless x

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Accutane doesn't help scars, at least not in my case or many others... Skin texture isn't really scarring, right?

NHS doesn't treat scars often, except in extreme cases, but there are cheap(er) methods privately

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