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Went To A Nutritionist.. Please Read (Also Have A Question)

So I went to a nutritionist because I was wanting to hear someone elses opinion on my hormonal acne issue.

Long story cut short he ended up basing my problem on possible candida (borderline not actual candida) through a urine test and basically said my liver is not working properly (despite the docs test saying it was normal) he put me on a fungal killing supplement as well as a mix of a few herbs to deal with stress/skin etc. he said to not really focus on the actual hormonal imbalance via herbs because he thinks its my liver being the issue. Anyways I'm so skeptical, of course I'm believing him but he didnt really talk about my diet except for eating more protein and drinking more water and also lifestyle wise getting at least 10 hours sleep. told me to hold off the probiotics for now 'until i've repairing my system'. Thing is I recall hearing on here most candida tests are pointless and also he did a test where I put a solution in my mouth and had to say what i could taste, I barely could taste anything and he then said i have very low levels of zinc because if i had high levels when the solution mixed with my saliva it would have been a disgusting taste (yet I dont think low zinc showed up on any blood tests on low b12). he also did this other test also using urine that was suppose to indicate some sort of flora disposes (not sure if thats the right word i dont remember). anyways the colour turned darkish with indicated things werent good. another thing is he based a few things on iridology (read the iris) . I mean im not sure if i believe in iridology just doing a quick search on google not may people back it. but he pointed out a few things on it and it was relating to a bit of digestion issue 'because my pupil was large' in the light and apparently had this line around my eyes that = toxins etc as well as lines that indicated low magnesium. anyways point being he basically said im highly toxic. can i have others opinions on this? do you think im going down the right track? i mean it cant hurt i'm helpless anyway but im so unsure how to feel. I feel like maybe im just believing everything he said because i want to be able to fix it type thing. he also mentioned that my hormonal imbalance might be too must progesterone when i tried to explain my chin/jaw/forehead acne and the extremes it goes to on certain days. which most of you have probably read about.

my question is, how does one get high progesterone ? thats confusing because spiro helped me so yet im also on diane yet my acne didnt clear up on spiro.. this hormone thing is SO confusing. I dont understand if perhaps the pill is making things worse but when i think about it, it was spiro all along then thats probably the one that helped...but it was such a low dose what might that mean reading testosterone/androgens? he mentioned that spiro might have worked so well because it got rid of all those excess androgens running around in my 'toxic' body because my liver wasnt working well. but what then might that mean about my acne hormones if diane doesnt keep me 100% clear often at all?

sorry a long post :/

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