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Doxycycline Hyclate

Hello again, acne.org! 

Last September, I had been taking minocycline and using topical Differin. Despite the efforts, my acne was still bad, and at this point it had begun to get worse. I began to get big nodular cysts, and I had no choice but to start on Claravis, AKA Accutane. After about six and a half months on the stuff, my skin had mostly cleared and I was practically cured of my acne. It was an amazing feeling to be clear! 

About eight months later, I began to experience some of the bad breakouts I had had pre-Accutane. It had gotten worse, my face sprouting pimples I hadn't seen since before the Accutane had begun clearing my skin. So I talked to my doctor about my concerns, and he recommended I either go back on the Accutane or try a different, stronger medication called doxycycline hyclate. I agreed, and I have been taking the stuff for about three weeks now. My skin has definitely experienced an initial breakout. It isn't as bad as my IB for Accutane was, but it's definitely beginning to remind me of it. I'm getting the big, hard, blood-filled nodules I had before. I'm not sure whether these are occurring naturally or if they are just part of the initial breakout.

Here's me from about a month ago, around November 10th, before I was on doxycycline and when I was on no oral medication.




And here's me now, after breaking out then breaking out more after starting on the doxycycline.




I hope the doxycycline works for me. If not, it's back to the Accutane!

P.S.: Here's a bonus pic of my initial breakout when I was on Accutane. You can see why I'd be hesitant to go back on the stuff.


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