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What Kind Of Acne Is This? Dry Skin, Large Pores, Painful Cysts But Few Pimples

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Hey, new to the site. I'm wondering if anyone has my same skin type, and what kind of regime/s they've been using to combat their acne. It seems like the typical acne case is someone with oily skin and many small pimples. I, on the other hand, have very dry skin, to the point where if I even wash it with cold water it starts flaking within an hour. My pores are large, probably because they're clogged with dry skin flakes. And I don't seem to get typical pimples: I usually get largeish, painful bumps that lurk under the surface for days, which are usually lanced rather than popped.

So I know I have cystic acne, but I don't think it classifies as severe -- I usually only get a few bumps at a time, usually on my cheeks, under the corners of my mouth, or on the back of my neck/shoulders. They're very stressful, however, especially since they often never come to a head and I have to worry about when they'll come close enough to the surface so I can lance them. And covering them doesn't always work, since they're, well, bumps.

Very depressed right now. I thought this would go away once I reached 20, but I'm 22 now and it still keeps happening. I've tried epiduo (bad idea -- made my skin red and raw everywhere), BP (same), and anti-biotics (which might have worked, but it's hard to tell). Can anyone help me?

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