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Foods That Can Cause Acne?

Hi, I'm sort of new to the forums but read some posts in different topics for awhile. I'm wondering what are the Key foods that will help prevent/ stop acne?

Also can mushrooms cause acne?

I heard milk can cause acne and I believe it but does cheese cause acne? (black diamond cheese)

My acne isn't severe, it's mild but still is a bother. I get the ones that are big with a yellow puss showing.

Oh and also.

I'm wondering if what I'm doing is OK and the best option:

First 1 would see a red lump and I know it's going to turn into a yellow puss pimple on my face. Once the puss shows I leave it. I leave it for as long as I have to without touch or doing anything to it. I leave it and it becomes all hard and solid and I still leave it until one day when I lightly put my finer on it, it would literally stick to my finger and fall off. I would never pop a pimple so I leave it to the very end and as long as I have too. Is this the best option? Is this OK I mean. My biggest fear is scarring.

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hey!! believe me, your skin wont get any scar if you keep doing that, it would if you pick your pimples with your nails, extract them the bad way hurting the skin or if you develop cystic acne, which is not gonna happen of course

The top foods causing acne are:

dairy (affects insulin somehow and have hormones like betacelullin which could trigger acne

wheat (inflammatory, empty carbs, etc)

gluten (many people is allergic to it, causing inflammation)

sweety (sacarose, high fructuose (corn syrup), makes insulin spike and other disadvantages

grains (difficult to digest, medium to high in the glicemix index and some more)

soy (although it not bad whatsoever, many people is allergic to it, most of us find soy affecting skin in a bad way, myself included

unk food

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