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Hormones, Masturbation And Tips

Now as a young trainee scientist I was doing a lot of think about hormones and acne, they both link in with each other. Now I also asked 10 of my mates if they thought masturbation played a roll 8/10 said yes, bear in mind all these people I asked have suffered some form of acne from low to high. I also know that bacteria and skin producing excess oil is how acnes caused but you already know that, but the issue I'm having is that online some say masturbation affects acne others say it does not. But I know masturbation affects hormones and if done regularly enough can make your skin more oily hence more intense acne. However I've heard that for some people masturbation does not effect or worsen your acne this could mean your acne is brought on by a different cause it could well be due to more bacteria being produced on your face and your hormones are not the main cause. This shows that acne is caused by different factors for different people, other factors include: Stress and poor diet.

You could say that eating fatty or high sugary foods most probably ain't the cause or even would effect acne, which in a way your right but if you treat your body like a dustbin your not gonna look your best and be at all healthy. When I talk about eating right I mean have foods that are known to help fight acne such as: Lemons, green tea, nuts, blueberries, strawberries, spinach etc. Another must is to drink plenty of water as it flushes out bad toxins. Something you should not do is eat lots of DAIRY! Because this has been proven to increase acne.

Thanks for reading this I know a load more about acne if you want help or is your feeling depressed just mail me! Sorry for any bad grammar I'm tired but ideas come to me at night for some reason anyhow what do you guys think?

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