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Read If You Are Not Getting Desired Results! & Those Who Wear Makeup

Alright, to set the record straight this stuff DOES work. It will not work within 2 weeks, I have been on it for 2 and a half months and I am still not 100% clear. I am not going to sit here and say that I have horrible acne, because I don't. I have moderate acne that is mostly around my chin area, but I really want to share what I have learned from this line.

If you are beginning the regimen, order the 8 oz cleanser, bp, and moisturizer and follow the rules. Try your hardest not to pick. Your skin will go through a phase which will either last a week or a couple weeks depending on your skin. EVERYONE has to go through this stage, and I am telling you all of the flakiness and dryness will go away. As I said, I have been on this for 2 and a half months and my skin only got over the harsh dry stage about 2 weeks ago.

I began using this regime because I began using different things on my skin as I have become more and more into makeup. I have really started to get into the makeup industry, not just on me, but on other people, so as I began all of this my skin did a complete 180 and looked horrible.

What really just began all of my problems is Revlon colorstay liquid foundation. I applied it once, and that one time had ruined my skin. I am not sure if it is something in the foundation, or if I did not take it off correctly (which I doubt because I scrubbed for a long time) or my skin just decided it didn't like me anymore. Anyway, long story short, I began my journey with acne.org hating myself for what I had done to my skin when I've normally had slim to none problems in the past.

SO - what has worked for me? I'd like to give some pointers for all of you who have been on for a long time or for a substantial amount of time and you are not seeing results.

1. I would hate to say that Dan is wrong when he says don't exfoliate, but I have to. I stopped exfoliated for a month and a half and the cleanser every morning and night was just not cutting it when cleaning my skin. I really like the Loreal 360 exfoliator that comes with a sponge type applicator. LADIES - IF YOU WEAR MAKEUP EVERY DAY OR WHENEVER YOU DO, YOU NEED TO BE 100% SURE THAT MAKEUP IS OFF YOUR FACE BEFORE YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT! Exfoliating is a must! Maybe not for you men.

2. Use a lot of the BP. Between each stage make sure you are letting it COMPLETELY dry. Give it minimum 20 minutes. If you are using as much as I do, leave it on for 30.

3. This step is huge. I had purchased Dans Jojoba oil and was really interested in trying it on my skin after I read all the reviews, and not to mention my skin looked like dinosaur skin around that time so I was willing to do anything to get it back to normal. Long story short - I used jojoba oil on my face as an overnight treatment and woke up the next morning with pimples everywhere, even on my neck, which has never happened.

So I quit using the jojoba oil. It may work for some of you, but for some it won't. It is so important that everyone realizes what it is that is breaking out there skin.

After the jojoba incident, I continued to notice my skin would clear up, but every morning I usually had a new pimple. I just thought that it was the regime still not working and I didn't want to jump the gun.

4. I never put two and two together when I realized that Dans moisturizer second ingredient is in fact JOJOBA oil!! I don't know why it took me so long to realize that what was holding back my skin from completely clearing. I stopped using dans moist. and starting using cetaphils. (which i have only good things to say about). And would you believe it? My skin is already clearing up.

5. Dans AHA is great. I was using it with his moisturizer, so as I continued to get pimples I thought the aha wasn't effective. Well I was wrong, it was the jojoba in the moisturizer. Now that I have switched to cetaphil, the aha really does work wonders over night.

6. *MAKEUP* For those of you who wear makeup. While you are in your flaky dry stage, it is impossible. I hated the way my skin looked so I would put makeup on over my breakout, but the dryness just made it look worse. So as much as you want to cover up, you really cant' till you are not dry anymore.

TYPES OF MAKEUP - Stay clear from drugstore brands! As much as I wanted to love them all, they are that $ for a reason. The ingredients in many of those foundations do not work well with acne prone skin, no matter what they say they do. I have been on the prowl for a liquid foundation that will cover and make my skin look flawless, without leading to breakouts. I have been wanting to try Laura Mercier Silk Creme but I have recently sampled Estee Lauder Double Wear and it is amazing! It did not cause 1 breakout on my skin which is un heard of. You have to make sure you are really getting all of the foundation off at night, but if you cleanse well and also exfoliate prior to putting it on it will make your skin look like a dolls face.

I am planning on purchasing the clarisonic MIA for christmas. It is a great way for those of you to assure that all makeup is off of your skin before bed time. I think that is a major component to break outs after applying makeup. People dont realize what they are doing isn't enough.

The one thing I would say that I do not like is the fact that I workout on a daily basis. And most of the time I workout during the day, so I am always lost when I come home and then feel bad for washing off everything I just put on that morning. I don't want to reapply the whole regime because 3 times a day is too harsh, so I usually use Aveenos daily cleansing pads and just wait till night time to start my routine. I have found I skip some days at the gym now just so I don't mess up my schedule with my face. Quite annoying but my only complaint. Any suggestions from what any of you do for that?

Well, so far that is my story. Hopefully things will only get better from here. I recently just purchased a whole 16 oz of dans moisturizer because it was prior to me realizing that the jojoba in that is not helping my skin at all. So I'm not sure what to do with that. I wish Dan would make a moisturizer without jojoba, because I really do love the effects it gives it just causes more problems on my skin!

So for those of you who are in your first couple months and your skin is not budging, really look into what it is you are using that could be causing it. If jojoba oil does not mesh on your skin, his moisturizer will not as well.

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Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of trying jojoba oil, but haven't because I've been skeptical of any oil.

I wear makeup, but am very careful about which kind. I was using Everyday Minerals, but I've found that Palladio Wet/Dry is the best for my oily, acne prone skin. My only complaint is that they don't have many shade choices. My skin has slight olive undertones and I have trouble finding the right shade. I've recently discovered Monave's Loose Mineral Concealer Foundation and I found the exact match for my skin. It covers really well and doesn't break me out. I love it. It's loose though, so it is messy. You can't take it with you. I take Palladio with me.

I agree that exfoliation is a must. I use 20% glycolic acid from ebay for that. Once or twice a week. I recently tried 20% salicylic acid. I've only used it twice so, I'm not sure yet. It burns like heck and I've only kept it on for a minute. But, no break outs in a week. Not sure if it is helping or the zinc/lemon water I added two weeks ago.

I use BP every night. I always will.

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