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Off Accutane For 4+ Years, Doc Now Wants Me Back On Antibiotics

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I finished up my first course of Accutane in early 2007. My skin has been 95%+ clear in the years following this. Now I am starting to break out a little for the first time in years. I went in to see my dermatologist for an unrelated issue today and when I told him that I was breaking out a bit (well like he couldn't see it on my face anyways) he looked at my history and recommended Doxycycline 100mg to take twice daily. This is a bit of a nightmare for me. I've seen too many stories here and in other areas where people got stuck back in that antibiotic escalator, gradually requiring stronger antibiotics until your immune system is wrecked and you have to go back on another course of Accutane. Another huge concern for me is that I am now exercising regularly outdoors, running and cycling frequently. Antibiotics increase sun sensitivity. Considering I was there in the first place to check out some of my moles, and that I have a famiIial history of melanoma, I'm not sure I want to put myself at additional risk. I did just fine on Ziana and nightly face washings for years...

Has anyone decided not to follow their derm's advice on going back on antibiotics? Did it pay off eventually with alternative treatments? I think I am just having seasonal issues with my skin, as my skin tends to be at its worst during the Winter months. I'm really not wanting to go back on any of these pharmaceuticals if I can help it.

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