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Think Twice Before Starting Retin A Micro

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Hi guys,

WARNING: long post

I am back to this website after two years of being clear on Finacea gel.

I used to take solodyn but then gradually weaned myself off of solodyn and been simply using finacea for the past 2 years. love finacea-my skin stayed clear the whole time-maybe one minor pimple every couple of months or so.

About three months ago I developed a weird spot that would not go away on my lower cheek (did not look like a pimple but looked like a fungal infection). since the derm who initially gave me finacea was booked i went to a different derm who said that spot was milia and gave me retin a micro 0.04% gel.

she also said that it would be nice to start using retin a as a preventative for wrinkles

i was excited because i heard good things about retin a and started using it all over my face.

the first 2-3 weeks nothing was happening and then OMG

my skin was never red or irritated or anything cause i was using retin a first every 2 nights and then every other night


my skin was breaking out like crazy for a solid month and a half. I had countless pimples all over my face even in areas where i never broke out before. My face was scary to look at, especially my forehead. I cried for days on end and did not even want to go anywhere looking like that.

my face became soooooooo oily you could make an omelet on it if I sat still for a couple of minutes, and my pores became huge, inflamed and filled with gunk. Crap was literally poring out of my pores with the oil and clogging them like crazy. I was never oily on Finacea. In fact my face was always matte and poreless on finacea.

I got 2 scars on my forehead and 1 on my cheek because the acne i got was so bad.

My face is just now FINALLY getting back to normal after almost 2 months after stopping retin a micro. JUST NOW-FINALLY

and i am hoping my 3 scars i got courtesy of Retin a Micro will be filling in soon.

I am back to using finacea and i had to start solodyn again (after 2 years without it) just to stop this madness. i simply did not want to end up getting even more scars.

I know that retin a micro works like a charm for a lot of people but there are also people who it will not work for. or God forbid do damage to their skin.

Please, before you decide using this drug, think twice, especially if whatever you're on is working. It is scary what it did to my face, and I am so happy my face is getting back to normal finally.

I am still dealing with some clogged pores and the three scars it left, and I wish I never used Retin a ever.

I know I will probably receive a lot of negative remarks from happy retin a users after posting this. If it works for you, great, more power to you.

I just want to put my experience out there so people can make their own informed decisions.

I would also like to hear about other people's negative retin a experiences, and what you did to deal with the consequences.


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