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I've had relatively clear skin my entire life, with the exception of a few pimples here and there. Last spring I started developing a lot of whiteheads and redness and I've been battling with them ever since. I've tried different products, but I'm currently back to using Clearasil Daily Face Wash for Sensitive Skin, because it worked amazingly for over 2 years.

I only have 1 pustule on my face at the moment, along with whiteheads on my temples, forehead and a few on my cheeks. My biggest problem is that I have developed redness from prior acne spots. I'm 27 and it's become such a giant stressor on my life. I'm honestly out of options and I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I've tried topically applying lemon juice and drinking it in my water, I've tried zinc supplements, omega 3 supplements, vitamin A and E supplements, I've tried Proactiv and several other cleaners (always making sure I stick to the routine for at least 6 months). I've been to three separate dermatologists, each have told me it's something different and I've spent any extra money I've had buying products that don't work.

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i would try any product with hydroquinone in it. that should help as well as chemical peels and then there are ipl's and many types of laser treatments. definitley try the hyrdoquinone first though. you can get the lustra cream at pharmacymix.com

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I'd like to share my story of acne and tell you that I think I have finally found a cheap and natural way of controlling my hormones. I am a 32 year old woman and have suffered with acne since I was 19. Funnily enough I developed acne not long after cutting out red meat from my diet and sometimes I wonder if this is the reason. Anyway, like all of you, I hated my acne and it got me really down, so I took Dianette for about seven years and then Yasmin for 6. I had breaks in between but my acne always came back after a month or two, families of spots around my chin, lips and sometimes huge ones on my forehead.

About a month ago I came off the pill yet again, mainly because my husband and I want a baby. I thought we could use protection until my body got back to normal. I started taking folic acid (as this is strongly recommended for mums to be) and was terrfied of my acne coming back, so did lots of research on acne forums and found that fish oil (not cod liver oil) is supposed to help regulate oil production. So I bought this too, which made my skin so soft and made me feel great. However, after 2 weeks I woke up with a huge spot on my chin and notoced my skin was really oily and that lots of tiny little spots under my skin were ready to pop up in the usual places.

Frantically I researched more and more and bought some zinc and vitamin B5 (panthenoic acid) the next day. I didn't take mega doses of B5, only 500mg (which is already 8,333% RDA), even though others recommend a mega dose. This is because I only had a few zits so far. The next day my skin was far less oily and since I've been taking this, my acne hasn't come back at all! I have been taking panthenoic acid for tow weeks and my skin is clear. I still have a redd mark from that bog spot on my chin, but so what? I think for anyone who has acne and wants a more natural way of overcoming it should clear their skin first through either taking antibiotics or the pill and while their skin is clear take the following:

Vitamin B5

Fish oil (omega3)


(I take Iron with vitamin C and folic acid too, but this is because I am preparing my body for pregnancy and am a pescatarian)

I wouldn't recommend taking more than 500mg of B5 though, maybe better do it how I did. I'm so happy, I've never liked taking the pill, it gives me cellulite, makes me down and physically slower. If you have acne, please take my advice. By the way, you might be thinking my skin is clear because I am pregnant, well I'm not because my period finished today (1 month after stopping the pill).

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I also had clear skin and only developed acne in my twenties. And like you they were mostly on my forehead, temples and cheeks. I tried a lot of things without success, and saw two derms who prescribed things that didn't work. If you have the same thing I had, then maybe this will help you. Try washing the affected area with Nizoral- make sure you leave it on for 3-5 minutes, then rinse, using your regular cleanser for the rest of your face. you should start to see results pretty soon- I was mostly clear after a week. I hope it helps you too!

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