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I'm almost 19, have been using BP 10% (I know) for almost two years. I have small wrinkles around my mouth/dimples that are visible at times, even when I'm not smiling. Is it possible the BP is causing it?

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describe what the "wrinkles" look like. It's not normal for a 19 year old to have wrinkles unless there has been something abrasive happening to your skin. BP can dry your skin so when you smile, your skin creates multiple folds that look like wrinkles.

If you describe what they look like in detail I could probably help you. I have what looks like wrinkes as well when i smile, but mine is caused by scarred pores and linear scars around my smile line, so there is multiple folds of skin when i smile that look like wrinkling.

Edit: BP can also make you super sensitive to the sun.

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are you using the BP all over your face, or just as a spot treatment? 10% is a looooot 2.5% or even 5% would be a lot better, and its proven that theyre just as effective in treating the acne as 10%. the wrinkles are probably dry skin (unless you age really fast? dont think so haha) i had them on my forehead, theyre like crease lines where your face naturally creases, right? im guessing. AHA or any other type of exfoliation can get rid of it, just remember to be super gentle since youre using such a highly concentrated BP (so no scrubs or physical exfoliation! basically AHA is the best way to go)

and yeah to what Ugly Skin Disease said. and with 10% your skins even more sensitive! i really suggest switching to 2.5% or at least 5%. and wear sunscreen!

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