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Hey guys, im new in the forum and im really sad that i didn't register before and searched for some help in here because it can be really useful ! As right now i just want to let some stuff out, even though you might not read it, makes you feel a lot better to vent.

My acne started about in 2008, so i've had it for about 3 years and it has been getting worse until this moment, which is really ironic because in the last years i've been spending more money, time and life trying to get rid of it. Atm, i think my pigmentation is worse than my actual acne, and i've noticed that my skin got worse after doing dermoabrasions, expensive acne kits and even UV rays that didn't really work and i had so much hope for them (i even worked this summer in order to take some treatments, they ARE expensive.). I'm anxiously waiting to start an accutane treatment, i did the blood test last week and im waiting for the results to be recieved by my doctor.

Acne has really made me depressed many times, which could be ironic because i can even say that im a pretty confident guy, im friendly, and im told im funny and make them laugh most of the time. The problem comes when i start wondering what people think of me, if they will like me even though i have acne or if they always look at me because of it instead of the pink birthmark i have on my nose (which is not so bad actually, makes me unique, but as i said, because it gets people's attention i always think they are saying: 'damn, that poor guy has been attacked so bad by acne'). So i can say my self image is pretty destroyed, believe me when i say that it is hard to look myself in the mirror when i have to get ready, i dont like to be in pictures and even worse when i have to record myself using a webcam for school assignments.

I've been working on everything a lot and it has really worked, im not so shy anymore as i used to be before. And one of my advices are that there's always going to be ignorants making comments about how your face looks like and the reasons why you have acne too. I'm hispanic and you would not believe how many taboos about acne there are in latin culture, it just puts you down real quick. So these kind of people are the ones that you don't even have to care a little bit about, and I know you guys will agree that having acne can really change your perspective of people and friendship, you get to see who appreciates you as you are and who is shallow.

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