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So Frustrated! (Acne Caused By Stress)

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I've had acne issues since I was 12/13, but they were usually pretty mild (a white head here and there, with a cyst/nodule once in a while). All throughout undergrad, it was the same...never had perfectly clear skin, but towards senior year, it was the best my skin has ever been!

I'm in my first year of law school now and my skin is like a minefield! There are soooooo many nodules, it's unbearable! I KNOW my acne is caused by stress bc I used to get huge nodules right around anxiety-raising times. But now, with law school, I'm stressed 24/7! How do I deal with this??

I've tried Dan's Regimen on and off and I just hate how my skin gets dry and flaky...it's disgusting bc I can't even cover it up with makeup.


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If you feel that your acne is caused by stress mabey some counselling/mind exercises could help? I tried a stress/anixety course a few years ago, I found it quite useful as it taught me breathing exercises and re-trained my brain to think more positive without me realizing it! Not sure if this is something that would work for you? Mabey go see your GP first, unless you have already? x

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