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When Do You Guys Shave?

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Do you guys shave before cleansing, at the beginning of the regimen (as Dan does)? I haven't started a regimen yet, but my concern is that my skin will get irritated badly if I shave, cleanse, then add BP. Is there any other better time to shave? And is it okay to use a normal shaving gel? Thanks

EDIT: I'm also thinking I will just use a normal shaving gel (say, Gillette sensitive) rather than a cleanser to shave with. If I cleanse my skin, including the shaving area straight after, will I be likely to experience irritation? Might I be better using a cleanser, so therefore I don't have to cleanse AFTER the shave? I'm just a little skeptical of shaving with a cleanser, that's all.

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I use a foaming cleanser, so I use the lather from that instead of shaving gel to shave with, so I shave and cleanse at the same time if that makes sense?

Had great results doing this, I think its great because I have eliminated shaving gel which is another load of chemicals that I was putting on my face (even for a brief amount of time) causing it to be red, the less chemicals the better smile.png It also saves me time which is always nice.

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always cleanse before shaving; there is oil and dirt build up on your face. after shaving, apply topicals.

I never thought of this. I was shaving first and then cleansing. I'll be sure to start doing this from now :)

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I HATE shaving because if i have a breakout its a double wammy of pain and spreading of acne bacteria. If I do have a breakout I wait as long as I can until it heals before I shave. If not, I'll shave every couple days.

Anywho this is what I do...

1 Thoroughly moisten face with warm water (preferably by taking a hot shower)

This will soften the hair and make shaving easier and less painful.

2 Lather my face with Dodo Ossum soap, which lathers really well.

This soap cleanses and provides plenty of foam for shaving.

3 Shave trying to avoid pimples (hardest part)

4 Rinse clean with cool water, making sure not to touch any area where a pimple mightve been shaved open because this will spread the bacteria (the bane to my acne existence)

5 Apply BP over acne area


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