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Birth Control For Acne(Dianette)?

Ive been on dianette for acne for 4 weeks now and Ive found its getting no better yet, in fact my acne looks really bad right now -worse than when i started. im sick of it! i really want clear skin for christmas

im wondering has anyone had the experience of dianette making it worse before getting better? and how long this would continue?

also does anyone know.. if i went and asked my doctor for accutane would they say i need to stick with birth control for longer and see if it works?

my acne is seriously affecting me bad! and does accutane make it 'worse before better' ? thanks.

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Hello, I am currently on Dianette and yes, unfortunately it does get worse before it gets better. I have no idea why it does this either but it does. Your acne will be absolutely unpredictable for the first 3 months but once you start getting towards the end of the 3rd month and start taking the 4th month packages you will start to see improvement. You will still get acne sometimes, but the breakouts will be A LOT better, trust me. I am on the 7th package of Dianette and for the past 3 weeks I have not broken out one bit, not a pimple in sight. While taking this drug you need to be patient otherwise you just won't stick to it long enough to see the results. It has been said many times that Dianette doesn't start really working until the 6th month and that is definitely true. It needs to build up in your system and regulate your hormones.

I personally think you should stick to Dianette until the 6th month before you try accutane. Lots of people who did courses of accutane experienced their acne coming back after they stopped the course. Dianette keeps working as long as you keep taking the pill, which kind of suck as well since in the future if you want to get pregnant you'd have to stop taking the pill and risk having your acne come back. Anyways, be patient! My face is wonderful now, and trust me the first 3 months my acne was disgusting.

If you'd like to read some experiences and on going experiences while on Dianette you can go to this link and see many girls updating their progress while on Dianette, including myself! It might give you some encouragement or a place to vent. It might even answer a few questions you have.


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