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How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin

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I haven't showered in 6 days and my skin is still dry. My hair is really oily but my face has pretty much no moisture at all. I put huge globbs of jojoba oil on my face and it's not working anymore. When I wake up my skin is cracking dry and peeling. How do I get my skin to produce more oil by itself?

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Have you considered gentle or chemical exfoliation? Maybe it needs a little help with sloughing off the dead skin cells on the surface, which in turn would also make it difficult for any kind of moisturizer or oil to penetrate.

A great chemical exfoliant, if you are interested in going down that route, is alpha hydroxy acid. If you want to try manual exfoliation, a baby's hair brush or a clean washcloth are good if you are gentle. A loofa on your face might be a little too abrasive.

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Your regimen says you're washing with cool water and only using jojoba oil? Wow...I don't know how your skin is so depleted of moisture, your poor thing, I'm sorry :( When my skin would get like that, it was because I was washing with cleansers with a lot of medication in them and then globbing on BP. It would take a couple of days of zero washing and tons of emu oil on my face for it to find its equilibrium again.

I recently started washing with CeraVe (I get it from Rite Aid) and it has done wonders for my skin and its moisture retention. I really struggled with tight, red, dry, irritated skin before. I didn't realize how bad it was until I started using this wash and saw my skin not irritated for once and actually soothed. It made a huge difference in the redness (another thing I struggle with and loathe). Maybe you should give it a shot? I'm sorry hon that I couldn't be more helpful. Goodluck.

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Why you haven't showered in 6 days..This is not the solution of anything...One day you will or you have to shower so why you opt this thing of not to shower...If you want to get rid of dry skin than you should use creme soap for bath and aloe Vera creme on face..

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