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Picked A Clogged Pore....twice....now Inflammed, Red, Painful Bump...what To Do? >.

So I was on accutane for 5 days and I went off it because my eyebrows were falling out and I was having very powerful side effects....

it made my skin break out slightly in these tiny little clogged pore bump things on the right side of my nose....I was upset about this and got anxious about it the other night and picked one of the spots...it wouldn't budge so I left it alot....then I picked it again...it appeared to be a little *thing* stuck under the skin....

so anyways I kept picking it and now it's inflammed, painful, and I didn't even get anything out of it...

I didn't ICE it at all the first two days which I regret....I'v taken two ibuprofen for the swelling today and yesterday....I am SO mad at myself for picking at such an insignificant spot and making it into a massive pissed off red mark.

What do I do to help it? Put BP on it? Aloe? just leave it alone? or keep icing it....blah

sebum had leaked out of it when I picked it last night and I wiped it with an alcohol swab after I did it....hope it's not going to be a massive pimple or make me get a bunch of breakouts there from now on....sigh.

I didn't want any hyperpigmentation scars in the centre of my face...it's bad enough they're on my cheeks.

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aaah dear, i know this situation well!!! to be honest, it will take its time to go despite what you choose to do, so i'd suggest just making sure it's clean and leaving it to its own devices!! don't worry, it will be gone soon :) xxx

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what? its just a little pimple! you dont need ibuprofen haha. id say put BP on it and stop picking, for cryin out loud! good luckkk

I know but my skin is especially sensitive to hyperpigmentation scars lol....they come in as dark purple...at least my cysts do...

now im scared it's going to come back as a cyst later >.<

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If it's showing no signs of coming out, then I always use Hydrocortisone and/or Neosporin over night. Just mix it together and clump it on there. Really reduces inflammation and helps with scarring and stopping the spread of an infection. I dunno, that's what I do. Had this nasty thing on Sunday and it's already gone :D

Just be gentle and don't attack your face anymore. Good luck ma dear

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I confess, I do this quite a lot myself. My blackheads tend to do that when they're deep. I see an open pore, I freak out, I pick, and then it becomes an angry inflamed pimple.

I have hyper inflammation problems too. Sometimes I use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque which can help at least to dry up the pimple and make it smaller, sometimes even help the inflammation a little. Generally, I get fed up and pop the stupid thing (I don't recommend this though if you're worried about scarring, though normally my scars start to fade after a while) and then I put a bandage with neosporin on it over night a few nights, which usually helps it heal a bit. But I do still have red marks a lot, and not just from picking. My doctor once told me that she recommended Origins skin care line for inflammation. Not sure about it, it's quite expensive for me so I'm not going to use it any time soon. But that's a thought. Though I'm not on accutane - I'm just using Retin-A and Erythromycin.

Good luck!

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I took accutane for months but quit due to hair loss and many other side effects.

So after stopping Accutane, I got many many many clogged pores on the sides of my face and even cystic acne which I seldom get and also few pus filled ones.

Silly us, I went to pick at the clogged pores too and it gets inflammed now and painful and I can see head coming up.


Bp causes free radicals and it other words causes aging. I wonder why so many people are willingly to slather aging cream onto their face..

And in fact, because it causes free radicals, the cells around it takes a longer time to heal. You mentioned you doesn't want anymore hyperpigmentation scars right? So BP IS A BIG NO. That is why you see some people tell you that their scars take a longer time to heal when they apply BP on it and usually leaves a brown mark instead of red, yes?

I would recommend you to apply TTO or lemon juice on it. I applied lemon juice on my cystic and pus filled acne and they felt less painful and it also helped to dry them up. :)

BP no no no.

dry it up with TTO...potent stuff so only dab it on once or twice...

What is that?

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