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Hello everyone, from using countless topicals, i have decided no more!. I am going to continue to use my tetraysal, but not going to use any topicals for at least a month. My theory is, if people grow out of it, then they don't need to use anything on their skin and once they have 'grown out' of it their skin should be able to fight it on it's own. I am going to stick to a quite healthy diet, eating fruit, brown bread etc, i only really eat junk on a saturday, where i allow myself a pizza, i'd go insane otherwise from having to eat all healthy all the time. But i want to see who wants to try this with me, topicals have just been making me worse and i don't want to cause any long term damage to my skin so i want to try this experiment. I ask the rest of my fellow sufferers, who wants to try this with me, the rule being you have to post every day, how you are feeling about you're skin, how it's looking etc, WHO'S WITH ME, WE CAN BEAT THIS!.

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To some this may work for me I know it will not. I have tried several times and I end up looking SO bad. I break out on my chest and back were I dont use topicals, and my brother has never used any topicals and his skin is bad aswell. I know the topicals are ruining my face but I know it will not be better if I stop...all 200 spots im keeping away will come back in 4 days =/

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My skin doesn't exfoliate enough on it's own. I KNOW I need help with exfoliation. The killing of the bacteria... I'm not so sure. If the pores are open... the bacteria can't get clogged.

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