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Hi everybody, hope this helps. I'm pretty clear now thanks to Make up artist's choice's products (and extraction tongue.png) , I still have some clogged pores due to my very oily skin but not a full face of clogged pores like before. But now i have pretty bad redness and hyperpigmentation and this is how I cover mine. I think the coverage is natural but enough for everyday makeup.

First i want you to know that you CAN'T cover everything on your face with make up if you have bad skin (like me =.=) so don't try to, instead try covering just ENOUGH, some spots may be seen through but it's still better than a very cakey face. We can't cover texture, so if you have a big pimple people wil notice anyway. If you use make up just enough, your skin will breath easier but you still look "ok" and have confidence and it's so much better that way. I used to use very heavy coverage foundation and concealer with very cakey and fake finish, it takes forever to put on and yet i still felt suck.

SO THIS IS A MEDIUM COVERAGE FOUNDATION ROUTINE FOR EVERYDAY THAT TAKES ME 20-30MINS TO APPLY (i'm sorry the pictures are kind of small but i hope it's clear enough).

1. TECHNIQUE: This is a really nice video showing you the technique to apply foundation and concealer to acne skin, although i don't really like the products (the concealer has mineral oil...). I always use brushes and apply very lightly and gently, if you angrily apply foundation to your skin, it will stay on your brush, not your skin


Skin with moisturizer ( i have dehyrated yet very oily skin)


After applying bb cream with foundation brush. I recommend DR Gowoonsesang BB cream (semi-mate finish) or Dr. Young Bb cream (a little more moisturizing but really nice in the winter) I can't use any foundation, my skin is a bit flaky and foundation always makes it worse. I found BB cream is really nice and actually smooth my skin. If you have a problem like mine, try using a BB cream ( if your skin tone is light) or tinted moisturizer (more color options). Or you can use anything that works for you. Remember to apply very lightly and gently, apply just 1 or 2 layers just to even out your skin tone.


Concealer. I'm using Sonia Kashuk Hidden Angenda Concealer, very nice coverage without looking cakey. I mix the lightest shade with the redness corrector 1:1 using the ELF SMALL ANGLED BRUSH. Use the small angled brush to apply to spots and the ELF Small Contour Brush to blend out. Believe me, using the right brush will help you with the coverage and finish. If your skin is darker you can mix the darker shade with the corrector. Another nice concealer is Maybelline Superstay concealer, it's a bit drier but easier to find and has more shades.


So my skin looks so much better, and that's enough for me so I just go ahead using powder to set my makeup. if you find your skin oily after the foundation and concealer, take a oil absorbing sheet to blot the oil then powder. I'm using Palladio rice powder, it's very finely milled, have natural finish, control oil pretty well and smooth out my skin. But the best powder for me is Make up artist's choice rice powder, i'm waiting for the delivery after trying the sample, it has only rice powder (palladio one has some more ingredients) and 3 shades and oil control is a bit better than Palladio. On hotter day i use physician formula mineral loose powder before the rice powder to have some more coverage and control oil better. THE FINISH



1. if you find the foundation and concealer is not enough coverage, you can use a small round brush like this ELF Small Contour Brush , dab it into some full coverage mineral foundation ( i recommend bareminerals matte, it sucks when i use it all over my face but really nice to cover spots) and LIGHTLY dab it to you spots.

2. Wash your foundation and concealer brushes everyday with some cheap facial wash and dry them with a microfiber cloth (they dry much faster with those cloths but you can use any cloths you have). Use microfiber cloth with some alcohol to clean your powder brushes everyday and wash them every week. YES, we have acneic skin so be careful with everything you put on your face. I use ELF Studio brush, they're cheap but have nice quaility.

3. I use Bioderma H2O to remove my make up, really nice stuff \:D/





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me too, i use bioderma h20 for sensitive skin

i really love this product, it removes everything and doesn't make my face red

and thanks for showing us how, that helped, but my face is kinda dry now so its hard to apply powder without it looking flaky smile.png

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