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Advice On Next Steps For A 13 Year Old


First time posting though long long time sufferer, more than 30 years, though thanks to the collective wisdom on this board, and using a little common sense, I've improved things dramatically in the past year.

My question to the board is: My 13 year son seems to be going down the same path as me, he currently gets a few pustules around this chin and foreheads with a few paps on his nose, very much in the mild category. I've had him following a pretty decent routine, see below, for almost a year. At the start I had him on BenzAC 2.5 BP gel, this works great for me, but seemed to have very limited effect on him.

We went to our local GP who to be fair suggested some diet changes, no white bread etc, so he at least is not in the stupid (strong word I know) camp that there's absolutely no link between acne and diet (my major problem has been dairy, which I've cut out in the past 3 or 4 months and I've improved things by 70 - 80%, Zinc Supps helped maybe 10% and BP has done with the other 10%, I just wish I had have known that 30 years ago). The GP put my son Eryacne (2% Erythromycin) gel. He's been on it for the past 7 weeks, uses it night and day, with limited success, I'd say no better than BP.

The GP also gave us samples of DUAC, don’t you just love doctors antibiotics are the cure for everything? Though I'm not so sure I want him to try more antibiotics.

So my question to the board is any ideas on what I should do next?

I'm thinking

1) Start on Zinc supps, I'm taking the Australian Blackmore BIoZinc with 25mg Zinc plus Vit A and various other ingredients

2) Try 5% BenzAC BP gel with decent moisturising, see below

If that does little to improve things (will wait 8 to 10 weeks to see, I know you have to be patient)

3) Stop dairy


4) Try the DUAC gel

Have thought about following Dan’s regime to the letter but I’d struggle to get a 13 year to be that disciplined

Failing all that I suppose its back to the docs to get onto the combo BP in the morning and a retinoid, Differin etc, in the evening.

BTW I should point out that at 13 acne seems to have very limited if any effect on his life, I'm just probably being overly protective and trying to ensure he does not go through the same life crap (another strong word) as I did, parents out there will understand

Finally, many thanks to everyone who contributes to this amazing resource and to Dan for the inspiration

Daily routine


Wash with Cetaphil gentel cleanser


Moisturise with Olay Complete for Sensitive Skin, 30 SPF, this has zinc which is important with the strong Australian sun


Wash with Cetaphil gentil cleanser


Moisturise with Cetaphil

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Hm, well as bad as it sounds at least he has someone who has go through the same thing and can help him out. I've never had any help and if it wasn't for this board I would be on my own. Sounds like your making some good choices for him. I would suggest to cut dairy out of his diet right away if that was what was affecting you. May be hereditary. I know its tuff to stick to that at 13 though but I would have done it in a heartbeat to be clear. Also i'm impressed by your GP, most wont even recognize the diet connection. Since your son is in the mild category I would really try to be gentle with his skin care routine. Over the long run using harsh things to prevent these few spots may make it a far worse problem in the future.

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