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Hi, I'm opening this discussion because I want feedback on a decision i may or may not make. so, here's a little rundown of the story of my life...

So basically, at age of 15 I had mild to severe acne on my cheeks. Eventually, when I was 18, it went away after all the topicals and pills i went through (typical acne sufferers story huh..?=P). I was left with blemishes which really demotivated me from doing anything (other than going out once in a while because of the little party animal inside me lol). When I was 18 turning 19 the acne hit pretty hard again but not as hard as it did when I was in high school. So I decided to take Accutane for 6 months, which worked wonders. Some side-effects occurred, but went away pretty quickly. after that I got the few pimples but, nothing like it was before. At this stage in my life, I'm 22 years old and have noticed that I have mild rolling scars on my cheeks from where I had bad breakouts. (not to mention the blemishes i still have... although they've faded quite nicely.) I went to my derm, told her I wanted to get rid of the blemishes and the scars and she recommended me to a dermatologist/specialist in cosmetic surgeries. So I went to this guy, the visit alone was $114 Canadian Dollars. Basically, he came in and diagnosed my scarring as "rolling scars" and told me of a few choices that I had. Fraxel was his #1 recommendation, so I asked him to elaborate. He told me that since my acne scarring is mild, it would only take a few, max 5 sessions to see great results, but he also informed me that it most likely wont get rid of it 100%, which was cool because he was being honest. So here I am stuck, whether i should or should not to do this. its $900CAD per treatment. so for arguments sake, 5 sessions would be around $4500CAD and I don't know if I want to spend that type of money on something that could potentially make things worse - even though the Derm said it was non-ablative or non-abrasive, forgot which one =P. anyways, I want to get other peoples' opinion that may have had some experience in doing a Fraxel for mild acne scarring and/or mild blemishes... or may have known people that have had good or bad results with Fraxel. I will post better photos once I upload them to my computer =D Thanks for taking the time to read this! Please do feel free to discuss any information you have (good or bad) on fraxel laser for acne scarring/blemishes! Cheers!

PS: I know there are people with very severe acne, scarring, blemishes out there. Please don't bash me saying that I'm over-analyzing myself or anything of the sort, because I believe when you have an insecurity about yourself, it does tend to bring you down... I mean.. because of all this, since I was 15, to now (im 22), I still wake up every morning wishing from that my marks and scars would diminish. It has taken a serious toll on my life in general, so I ask kindly, those of you posting in this thread, please be respectful of other peoples insecurities - even if it looks like nothing to you, it could be effecting that person just as bad as your insecurities effect you. Thanks.

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Hi, how are you ?

my brother had fraxel performed for the same reason you mention. His results were/are excellent. I think he had 3-5, not sure but it looks great.

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Since your scars are mild according to the doc and you're only 22 years old, I would highly suggest that you spend the CAD4500 on a backpacking trip to Europe (that money would last one month) or in Southeast Asia (about 4 months with that money) and you will come out with much better experiences that you can look back. I did both and while my scars are probably much worse than yours, I would again decide going on those trips than spending that amount of money on treatments that may or may not provide the level of satisfaction that travel does.

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thx for replying ladies n gents!

Nelo: I'll read up more on it :D thanks!

Lilly: Has it been 3 years or longer since your brother had the fraxel done?

GetRid: I've spent enough money in the recent past going away on vacations. Had unforgettable memories and surely had no troubles enjoying myself. but when I think about it... those vacations didn't help with the insecurity many of us go through. it's just a smokescreen. i rather spend my time doing research on how I can get rid of these blemishes and scars.

...anyone else? good/bad results with fraxel? :-/

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