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Allen S

I Am Starting To Get Headaches

Hi everyone, so I have had this annoying headache for the past three days. On Friday it wasn't so bad, but yesterday and already this morning it has become painful. It's not like a migraine, but just achey. It's a pulsating headache that feels like your head is pulsating especially when bending over. Taking 2 Ibuprofen does the trick though. I am on my second month on 40mg of Amnesteem which I am confused about. Wouldn't headaches come within the first 30 days?

EDIT: I was reading that this could be a dehydration headache...Drinking water does help

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Definitely drink lots of water, and if your eyes are even remotely dry use some eye drops (dry eyes often cause headaches). Are you sure it's even accutane induced though? There are a ton of things that can cause headaches.

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I am close to 8 weeks into my accutane course (40 mg/day) and just started getting headaches. I can correlate it to dehydration because I've always measured my water consumption and I'm not as good about drinking as it gets colder. Up until a couple of weeks ago, I was drinking nearly 1 gallon/day and didn't have any headaches (or dry eyes!). Recently, I've been drinking about 80 oz/day and have had terrible headaches. Try increasing your water intake and hopefully it will help. Fingers crossed!

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