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Benzoyl Peroxide Long-Use Headaches

Hello everybody,

I have used the Acne.org regiment for 2 years now. It cleared my skin completely, but I got some breakouts from time to time, especially when I change a bit my routine.

But for months now I have been having constant headaches and inflammed nose at morning after a night.

I suspected everything :

- my bed, first, but it happens even when I sleep @ my gf place who has a top notch bed

- my multivit', I stopped it without effect

- dehydratation, but i drink a lot water and it doesn't help

- tons of things..;

- then BP.

And there, the magic happened. After 2 days without BP, I started to not encounter the morning headache (which is terribly painful, believe me) and nose inflammation etc...

After 1 week without BP, my head was fine and my days and morale went up very fast.

After 3 weeks, I broke out. So I took BP back and after not more than 4 days I experienced terrible headaches.

I now stopped it and am headache-free and I started to use Paulas Choice 2% BHA (which is not bad at the moment)

My question : anyone else with the same problems ???


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wow thats really weird, ive never heard of that.

im thinking MAYBE the BP was somehow getting in the air and you were inhaling it? (LOL just an idea)

but glad you found a solution, hope the BHA works for you!

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I think it s inhaling BP that can cause that on me. I am not sure.

BHA works great. In conjonction with BP it was instant killer (trust me, some spots healed in less than 2 hours) for any breakout. Alone it takes a bit more time but it works great anyway.

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