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Hormonal Herbs Good Or Bad?

are herbs like saw palmetto considered great things or not so great things because they affect hormones?

I know there are a few, although I can't remember any except saw palmetto. I'm just curious if they actually aid in balancing hormones in the long run or are much like the chemical medications like birth control and spiro that affect hormones but dont really balance them..more just get them out of whack to a point it either helps to an extent or not whilst youre using them. Not sure if this question is making sense :/ in other words im wondering if for my situation looking into altering hormones with herbs may be an option that will do more good than harm or will i make things worse? also would it be silly to take any 'hormonal herbs' whilst on the pill?

all advice and opinions very welcome :)

I assume certain such herbs can either do good or bad based on each individual but does anyone have any guidelines or information that could be useful in knowing which one might be best? Thankyou :)

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It's important to note that there's a difference between herbs that help one achieve homeostasis in regards to hormones or herbs that can directly influence hormones and shift the balance in that way. Saw palmetto is the latter and it seems to cause no problems for some, but trouble getting an erection for some males other times. In my personal opinion, it's better to take a pine-derived beta sitosterol supplement and cycle that for a few weeks or zinc rather than saw palmetto. Anytime you're screwing with your hormones, you can cause a bunch of problems. If it's causing difficulty to achieve erections for some males who take it, that's obviously not good.

Some have had success with saw palmetto. If you think it works for your body, more power to you. I just wouldn't put it in my body again.

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