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20Yr Old Male 40Mg 1St Month, 60Mg 2Nd Month, 4 Month Course

Hello. So I have left this kind of late, as I'm already on my 2nd month of roaccutane, but oh well better late than never. :)

My first month I was taking 40mg a day and after my first month I started on 60mg a day. At first I was splitting them up and taking 1 pill in the morning and 1 in the evening, but now I'm just taking them altogether. Not sure if it makes any difference, feel free to enlighten me.

I've had mild acne since i was about 13, and had a few bad spots here and there until I turned 16 when all hell broke loose on my face. I can safely say my acne is not as bad as some peoples, but it is for sure still severe in my mind. I would describe it as moderate but persistent acne.

So anyway onto my course of roaccutane. Tomorrow will be my 40th day on roaccutane.

Ok let's get counting, Right now I have 1 small spot above my upper lip, 1 on top of my left ear, 1 on the right side and left side of my chin, 1 below my ear/neck area on both my left and right sides and a couple of non inflamed bumps under my chin which I'm pretty sure are from the collar of my new duffle coat rubbing against my neck/chin area.

I WILL update this log each and every day until the end of my course.

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