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hey guys

i know strawberries are beneficial to our bodies and our skin

and i've heard lots of people saying its good for oily skin, too.

so i'm on accutane and i have a dry skin but i realised yesterday as i was eating strawberries my skin became oily around my nose.

so i'm not sure is that is a good thing or a bad thing?

please reply ! i'm confused

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I've never heard of strawberries being good for oily skin. Your nose is part of the T-zone so that might be why it got so oily because I think the T-zone produces more oil or something like that. My nose gets pretty oily too through out the day.

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You're worried about strawberries, but you're willingly taking Accutane?

haha that was a good one

Well some preople are allergic/intolerant to berries, this might be your case and might be not

-eat many strawberries (maaany) and see how your skin reacts

-stop eating them to see if oil is less

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I find strawberries, raspberries and blackberries to be rather dodgy as far as tolerance goes.. though blueberries are pretty fly. I'd do a self test.

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1)i had little knowledge on the subject, acne is not a popular thing where i live, so low self-esteem being surrounded with flawless skin( i was young feeling like that, but as i grew up, i realised that i shouldn't be ashamed, there's nothing shameful about acne.)

2) i had severe acne that will leave icepick scars and nothing seemed to treat it, i lived with that for about

+2 years.

3)the dermatologist didn't tell me anything about the side affects.he was left with accutane as a last resort

and i was surprised when i read about it and i didn't have a choice but to continue after the major breakout and wait atleast for 4 months to pass, i'm on a low dosage, 20mg a day.

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