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Thought I Had A Nodular Acne And Popped It?

My whole life, I've never really paid much attention to my skin, and so I never really got much treatment for it. Recently, since school started in September, my skin is gradually growing worse and worse. A few days ago, I found two hard acnes on my forehead.

I went online and found out that those two hard, slightly painful-to-the-touch acnes are nodules, or so I think. And earlier tonight, without really thinking about it, I went ahead and popped the one that looked like it was growing a white head. Yeeaaah, I probably shouldn't have done that. There was a lot of blood and I just continuously squeezed until I got everything out.

After that, I washed my face gently with a cleanser that I always use (which I don't think would be the best cleanser for my skin type), without using any anti-bacterial medicine or alcohol or even moisturizer because I don't own any of those.

So now, I'm stuck with the other acne and possible scarring and nothing to treat it with. What should I do?

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neosporin and a bandaid on the broken skin will help prevent scarring and promote faster healing. leave it on overnight for a few nights. then see a derm as soon as possible for a prescription acne medication. the derm will know what's best to give you. i wish i had just gone to the derm a year ago when this started gradually for me, but i thought i could take care of it with over the counter treatments. for 6 months it just got worse and worse. i may have avoided the scars i have now if i had just seen the derm to start with.

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