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Anyone Have/had Marks Similar To Mine?

If so, what have you done to fade them?

I'm finally (slowly) getting my acne under control.

My regimen?

- Wash with Cetaphil Daily Wash in the morning

- Apply WitchHazel as toner

- Apply Neutrogena Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment

- Makeup

- Wash off with Ponds Cold Cream

- Wash with Cetaphil Daily Wash

- Apply WitchHazel as toner

- Apply Tea Tree Oil on pimples

- Apply Vitamin E Oil on dry spots/spots that need healing

On top of that, I've been taking 1 tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil a day.

& I'm in the process of quitting milk to see if that makes any difference with my acne.

So now I'm focusing a bit more on trying to fade these stupid marks.


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When I got off Accutane around 2004, my red marks looked like this initiatially. They have diminished significantly since then, nearly faded by 90% I would say.

Here are a few things I remember following:

Sleeping at least 8 hours a day (your skin heals itself when you're resting, and when you are well-rested).

Drink lot's of water. I drank at least 2 litres a day after the first 6 months of being off Acc. I bought a 1L nalgene bottle and consumed water regularly.

Don't touch your face

Stay away from dairy products (so yes, milk)

Don't apply so many creams, etc. - I tried using some vitamin E cream at first, but I think it bothered my skin more than anything. I have never tried any of the products you listed above, so I guess if they're working for you, keep at it

Eat healthily

I know a lot of those things are commonsensical, but it doesn't hurt to repeat them and stress their importance. There's no overnight trick, I'm afraid. You have to stay strong and keep up with a steady regimen.

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I don't have much advice, but I wanted to ask if you're diluting your tea tree oil. I also treat my breakouts with TTO but I've read on multiple sites to never to apply it straight on your face, and I've had better results with a diluted solution than full-strength. I usually mix it 50/50 with water in a clean shotglass and gently dab on with Q-tips.

Just thought I'd share.. ^^

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Thanks for the responses, guys!

I just had a four day weekend, so I got plenty of sleep & didn't have to wear makeup. My skin looks better and less red. I've also been drinking two cups of green tea a day, so I think that has also attributed. Oh, on top of that, I've also been applying a honey+lemon mask every night. My skin is very smooth now. (^_^)

As for the tea tree oil, no I haven't been diluting it. I thought it wouldn't matter, since I'm only using it as a spot treatment. But I think I'll definitely take your advice and start diluting it. Thanks so much~!

& I'm thinking about getting vibradermabrasion done. There's a $65 special at a nearby skin care center. Think it will help?

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