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Requesting A Simple List Of Dietary Dos And Donts For Acne...

All the other ones here are packed with info on ingredients and why so and so is bad for you, I just want a list in the format of



I just finished Accutane and I'm getting spots after 2 weeks... :'(

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Consume lots of anti-inflammatory foods, probiotic foods (and/or supplement, opt for kefir instead of yogurt), drink lots of water as soon as you wake up (also some people swear by not drinking anything an hour before or after meals), get more omega 3's in your diet (fish, cod liver oil, flax oil/seeds/meal, omega 3 enriched eggs), the darker the chocolate the better, grass-fed butter, seafood/meats fed their natural diet (brownie points for making broth from the bones, heads, organs, fat from meat as it's one of the best things you can do for your body), fruit (in moderation). Make use of the juicer, food-processor, or blender (one of which you hopefully) have. Olive oil, coconut oil, broths, and water are the only things you ought to be cooking with (besides lots of herbs/spices, turmeric's a good one).

Stay away from sugar, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy (besides grass-fed butter and kefir, even these you should cut out for at least a month or so), grains (unless properly soaked and sprouted to destroy lectin content), and anything "modified" (including your produce. If you can help it buy organic) or containing vegetable, corn, high fructose corn, or canola oils. No processed foods, make what you eat worth while.

As for nuts and seeds, you'll just have to experiment with what works for you. You'll probably find a couple things that you are intolerant to at the moment. Pay attention to how you feel after eating certain things you're unsure about, you may find certain foods make you slight nauseous, headachey, or give your throat a tingle (for me this one is bananas, almonds, and walnuts). Listen to your body and do what feels good!

For more specific diet ideas look up "GAPS diet" and "paleo diet" (these are my main approaches).

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