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Looking For Some Help!

Hi there wink.png

Well suffice to say I am rather confused!

I've had problems with my skin for years now & tried many OTC products/face washes. Spending stupid amounts of money every month.

I finally realised that my skin was always at it's best when I didn't overload it with chemicals and just left it the hell alone.

My skin has many under the skin flesh coloured bumps, what you'd call clogged pores/non inflammed acne! (which turn into spots sometimes) & the occasional zit & sometimes painful red ones around my period.

So my question is this, should I just wash my face once/twice a day with cold water & do a clay mask once a week to give it a break OR stick with my current regimen?

Current Regimen:

Wash face with The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Face Wash

Apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner

Moisturize with Neutro. Oil Free Moisturiser

Repeat this at night.

Dab Tea Tree Oil on any problem spots.

I have been applying so many different cleaners/toners/spot treatments ect on my skin over the years I am thinking it may get better if I let it heal on it's own or maybe it'll get better if I stick with my more natural regimen.

I tried just washing my face with water & woke up the next day with more clogged pores ~ so confused!

Any thoughts would be awesome!

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I don't know if this will be of any help to you, but here goes nothing.

I currently use the Body Shop Tea Tree oil products. I have only started them recently, but so far, so good.

Before that, I had tried so many products (Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Spectro Jel + many more)

I also had one microdermabrasion session which actually improved the overall health of my skin, but did not solve my acne problems.

I have big pores and several dark acne scars that are probably under a million layers of skin and that are still noticeable.

I usually get pimples around the chin area and near the hairline.

If I pop them, they create a new head about 3 times and then leave a scar and if I leave them alone, they get small again, but never quite disappear and leave a bump under the skin that just stays there.


Use the cleanser

The toner

And the Tea Tree Oil NIGHT cream *it is richer than the day cream and has scar healing properties. It really made a difference for me vs using the tea tree oil line without it (only with day cream).

Use the oil on any problem spots

The next morning:

Wash with water

Apply the Tea Tree Oil DAY CREAM

And the oil on any problem spots

If you do not want to invest right away in the night & day creams, just ask the girl to give you a sample in a miniature jar. It lasts about 3-4 days and will give you a good idea if you like the product or not. That is what I did - I had just spent 25$ on the Tea tree travel package to try it and found that it dried my skin, so I went back and explained the situation and she gave me a sample of the night cream. I loved it so went back to buy it.

As for deep cleaning the pores, I use a soft facial brush. They have one at Sephora (22$ for the two sided with sillicone one - 7$ for just the brush and 3$ for just the silicone part). You use it with the cleanser. You may find cheaper versions somewhere else - they have one at the body shop for 3$ but I will admit it is not the best one.

But for me personally if I overuse the brush, my skin gets irritated. So I use it about once a week.

The Tea Tree Oil line hadn't prevented me from getting pimples so far, but they are nowhere near what they used to be and the healing is much much better and the night cream has help make old scars a little bit less visible.

Hope this helps....

p.s. A light blush or powder can help dry out any oil your face generates during the day. I use LISE WATIER and I find that her products to do not irritate my skin nor clog my pores, I apply using a pharmacy brand bamboo brush (very soft) - but one thing at a time I guess....

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Oh, and just a few more things:

- Change your pillow case as often as possible

- Wash your hair more often (if that's not already the case)

- Monitor which shampoo causes you more pimples/skin irritation (I noticed that the Kiss My Face and Nature's Gate brands do not irritate my face - but they're not fantastic on the hair)

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For now I'm using Tea Tree Oil cleanser & Physiological Soothing Toner afterwards, morning/night.

Searching for a natural moisturiser atm but I think I will be trying this: http://www.amazon.co...l/dp/B001TEAR9K

I love using tea tree oil on any spots that threaten to come in, it really kills them.

The only thing I've added to my routine is No 7 Total Renewak micro-dermabrasion once a week.

So far my skin is so soft and feel so clean.

Anyway, thank you SO much for all your help, I will be switching to the tea tree oil day/night cream if I don't see any results with what I'm doing atm.

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Keep me posted because I am always looking for a back up plan. I know Tea Tree Oil is working for me now... but it's like walking on egg shells with my skin... never know when it will stop working!


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