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Hey. I'm new to the site, but now I'm finnaly clear I wanted to share with others how I did it so they can (hopefully) achieve the same fantastic results that I did!

I started getting acne at around 16 and it had flared up to pretty moderate/severe cystic acne by the time I was about 17. I took minocycline for a while and started using benzoyl peroxide cream in the form of 'Quinoderm'. I did see results after a few months, but the benzoyl peroxide was far too harsh for my skin and, although it cleared it some, it left my skin red raw and mostly very dry. It also seemed to bleach my skin which I felt made me look ill most of the time!

I saw real results, however, after I started using a product recommended by a friend: "African Black Soap". Apparently it's been used for years by people in West Africa as a remedy for skin problems. I don't know why it isn't more widely known as the results I have seen from using it are second to none. It is totally organic (made from shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa pod ash etc) and therefore contains none of the harsh chemicals that were in the store bought products I used previously. It dries out the spots so you can literally "peel" them off after a few days and underneath is new, clear skin. My acne has gone from moderate to 100% clear after just 6 weeks using it.

I also eat a healthy vegetarian diet, take flaxseed oil capsules and drink INFINITE cups of green tea! I don't know if this helps or just acts a s a placebo because it makes you feel like you are being healthier, but the combination works fantastic for me.

I ordered my black soap from amazon, from a store called 'sheabynature'. It cost around £8 plus shipping to the uk, and believe me when I say that the lump of soap they send you will last AGES. Approx. 4/5 months I think,

I have rattled on enough but if anyone has any questions about my regime feel free to ask....

I hope anyone who reads this and tries it out sees the same results as me, as I feel soooo good now I have clear, glowing skin!

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So you had mild/severe acne/cysts? And this soap helped clear that up?

I was just checking the soap out and did you buy the raw form of it or the bar?

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I bought the raw form of the soap from sheabynature on amazon. There are a tonne of sites selling it though, but that's the only one I have tried.

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I'm glad other people are using black soap! It's not just for black people! (When I was suggesting it to a Caucasian friend of mine he seemed confused and ask if it was just for black people. Smh) It's pretty nifty and doesn't have that many ingredients. Though it can be a bit drying in the winter months so I make sure to put serum and moisturizer immediately after. Makes my face baby soft and has cleared most of my acne - not all but that's my fault cuz I yield to my sweet tooth temptation often.

If you don't mind me asking - is your green tea caffeinated?

Also do you drink milk and eat eggs as part of your diet as well?

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