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I Am Having Success, My Skin Finally Looks Clear And I Am 35 Years Old.

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Here is my story. I’m 35 years old and my skin is finally clearing up from acne. I mean it looks almost as good as it did before puberty. I really wasn’t sure it was ever going to happen for me.

When I was in college I scoured the shelves for dermatology books and read up on skin disorders. I am a research type of person, a college "junkie" so to speak. I went to college for seven and a half years. Anyway, back to my main topic. When I woud go on dates, I would pray a whitehead didn’t form before I was going to get kissed on the couch.

I usually don’t post on these forums, but I want to help other people.The first book that helped me was called "Dr. Fulton’s Acne Solution." The book is old but a fountain of wisdom to really help you understand how to help yourself. Get the book…it is cheap on Amazon.

Then I bought uniodized salt. Get rid of your iodized salt. Iodine is bad for people with acne prone skin. I live in the boonies of Nebraska and had no trouble finding uniodized salt at the supermarket. Do not buy vitamins with iodine. Make sure and read your vitamin label.

Then I bought ZapZit at Walmart. It is super cheap, and it works…and I have been wearing that overnight. I think it is working better than any stuff I have tried. Put it on EVERY night…don’t take a vacation from putting bp on your skin if you can help it.

I have been washing my face in the morning and in the shower at night with Oxy Face Wash (It is in a black sqeeze bottle you can get at Walmart.)

I stopped drinking milk. If I have to have it in a recipe for something….that is fine. However, I don’t drink it. I LOVED milk my whole life. I thought it was good for me. I was raised on a cattle ranch and thought milk was God’s gift to the world. I did research on it and it wasn’t great for people with messed up, acne prone skin. I started taking supplements instead. Ladies don’t forget to take calcuim.

I cut back on sugar. It isn’t 100% out of my diet…but I have been having a health issue and was sick of being sick. I have a major sweet tooth and am already really thin. I was always a little nervous about getting skinnier, as strange as that sounds. I decided to stop caring if I looked too skinny…I just wanted to be healthy. I have been using recipes that are friendly for diabetic people to help my sweet tooth. I haven't been buying desserts when I shop. I eat sugar free jello...and put a little sugar free whipped cream on it. Once in a while I will eat a dessert at someone's house just to be polite...but I try NOT to buy or make desserts that have much sugar in them. Don't eat a lot of sugar if you can help it.

My skin now looks better than when I was under the care of a dermatologist in college. ( I used to take minocycline and have sulfacet on my skin. Then they would take a needle to your face and pop your pimples and call it "acne surgery." I never knew if minocycline was really working very well since they were popping my zits regularly.) MY SKIN IS CLEARER THAN EVER.

What didn’t work? I tried going off bp and just using hydrogen peroxide….that really messed up my skin. I have tried using moisturizer after my bp….that really messed up my skin too. I can’t do any kind of lotions on my face…even the ones that are supposed to be oil free and noncomedogenic. Ivory soap was too harsh for my skin. I even think Dove strips out my skin too much on my face. I use it to wash other areas of my body though. I know some people love Cetaphil…put I am not crazy about it. I love the OxyFash in the black bottle, way better than Cetaphil.

For the first time in my life I don't feel like I have to wear foundation. I was always using just a tiny bit of foundation to cover the problem areas of my skin, like where my pinples and scabs were. Now that I am in my thirties I was having trouble with my skin on my cheeks. I have never been so clear. I hope this post helps you.

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