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Pores Deformed Or Scarring?

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I have three or four very tiny bumps on my skin which take up the space of about four or five pores each. These never go away and do not behave like normal pimples which eventually dry out and sometimes leave a scar.

With these bumps they are always there and when cleansing my skin I can sometimes feel them as if they are pimples, but I am now starting to think that they are some kind of scarring with scar tissue beneath the skin because they are so small. One of them has even felt like it was drying out and was a bit hard to touch, but it never did go. The only time they seem to appear to get bigger is when I put diluted tea tree oil on them after they seemed to get itchy and were more visible, but this may just be the effect of the tea tree oil aggravating the pores around them.

If it is scarring it's annoying because it is not like other scars where they gradually fade. With these they are inclined to be more noticeable and to go red after I have cleansed the skin. Anyone know what these might be, or should I go to the doctor's again to let them guess?

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i have something similar. it could be an infection plunged deeper into the skin prom picking and squeezing. think if you can recall if this was a spot that broke out many times repeatedly and whether or not you picked at it. i've heard some theories about it being blood trapped between the skin from a past inflamed cyst or nodule. or it could be what you said, that's an interesting theory. if it doesn't seem to get better with time, then you should talk to the derm.

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Idk these sound like clogged pores to me. I had some of those and they do take a while to go away. Eventually they turned into regular pimples or blackheads, dried up, and went away..

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