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My Personal Regimen That Cleared My Acne

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This is probably my first and last post on the forum.

I have had acne since grade 8 primarily on the forehead, in grade 9 it started to worsen until grade 10 when I decide I wanted to get rid of it.

By this time I had all different types of acne (except for deep scarring, luckily for me my skin did not do this). I began to experiment with Clean and Clear products, Proactiv products and other easily accessible products I found that none of these seemed to work. (my acne is mainly found on my chin, around my mouth, on my chin strap and on my forehead) Starting 2011 I have cut out the following: Milk and Processed Sugars, I saw a great reduction in acne all candy was gone and I have not had a drop of milk in forever, I do still eat some cheese’s but I keep it to a minimum mostly what I eat now is Sandwiches (whole grain wheat) with meat that has the least added antibiotics (the government is trying to kill us by adding all this crazy stuff to meat, I get mine from the farmers market) lettuce, usually avocado, cheese, tomato really you can get creative with it, I also eat oatmeal (helps clean blood), small amounts of cooked chicken, small amounts of eggs, and a variety of home made soups. Now my daily regimen includes using a bar of emu oil soap (helps moisturize skin makes it glow too even when I still had acne I would get compliments about my skin was really weird) and a light spray which is called nefra (visit www.nef-ra.com). I’m not here to advertise nefra but this is some amazing stuff, it got rid of a cancerous lump on my father’s back that was the size of a ping pong ball cut in half, now it is a bit expensive but what I do is take 1/4 of the liquid in the 60ml bottle and mix it with water because if I use this substance pure it dries my skin. Recently I have discovered that my dove body and face shower gel was breaking out my face because this is what I would use to cleanse, I have been using this for a year and I have always been wondering why am I breaking out so badly? Now that I stopped using this I have almost completely cleared all my acne and I could not be happier with myself. What I want all of you to get from reading this is, stick to natural products in the end when you acne is clear you skin will not be addicted to the chemicals that brand names pump into their products and your skin will be the most healthy it will ever have been. Here are some natural products that I recommend you try that I have also tried that may or may not work for you.

Emu Oil (more expensive, use very little great moisturizer but oils do not work for my skin type)

Emu Oil Soap Bar (dont know where to refer you to get this since I get mine 100% pure with no additives at my local farmers market but I strongly recommend everyone to get this if you find it somewhere)

Tea Tree Oil (works great for those spots that do not want to come to a head, does not use pure substance rather mix with water, causes drying)

Apple Cider Vinegar (didn't work too much for me but I hear it works great for other people so I would recommend it)

Jojoba Oil (hear it also does wonders for other didn’t work too well for me because again my skin does not react well to oils but great moisturizer when I had really bad drying, I don’t think it was what was breaking me out either so I could give it another try but I won’t risk it. Jojoba oil is non-toxic, non-comedogenic and non-allergenic. This means that it will not clog pores and will not cause any allergic reactions. It is also not an irritant, so it can safely be used around the eyes and on the skin. In addition to that, it does not cause a greasy feeling when used on the skin like other oils do.)

Thank you for reading I hope this helps you!

OH PS I also don’t use toothpaste because it makes me breakout instead I use baking soda, which I also use to mix with lemon to put on my face works well to!

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