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Hello, I write tonight a tad agitated. For 2.5 months I have had this bizzare red spot on my face. It is below the left half of my mouth, flat, and has the diameter of a quarter. I have had countless dermatologist appointments about the issue and even a skin biopsy which came back pronouncing I had a flat wart. However, NO FLAT WART HAS THIS APPEARANCE! I haven't seen anything like this on the internet or in person. It was getting better but recently it has started BURNING badly again. It is easily agitated. It's annoying because the doctor said the wart and it's just red pigmentation. I fail to believe this as if it were gone, it wouldn't be agitated by everything! My self-esteem has been knocked because of this and I don't know how much longer I can carry on with this clinical mystery ON MY FACE. I apologize for my harsh tone I am just upset! Any suggestions on what this could be and how it could be helped would be amazing. THANKS!!!!!!!

P.S. I've used, protonic, retin-a, and other hydrocortisones that have seemingly done NADA.

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chemical peels. it makes skin regeneration function to be faster hermanow

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